The Saving machine configuration scheme of Win 7 entertainment platform

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With the release of the Windows 7 RC release, the Windows 7 configuration of the computer is becoming more mature, and early practical value, this issue for you to recommend a Windows 7 computer.

WINDOWS7 Entertainment Platform Configuration

CPU:AMD II720 (box) 970 yuan

Motherboard: Elite ic780m-a580 Yuan

Graphics card: 850 Yuan r4850-512 seal God version

Memory: Geil Black dragon 2gb800*2360 yuan

Hard drive: Hitachi 500g16m360 yuan

Optical drive: BenQ 22xdvdrw195 yuan

Display: Samsung 2243bw+1250 yuan

Chassis: 300 yuan for the gate of the time of aviation Jia

Power: Great Wall Mute master 400sd270 yuan

Keyboard/mouse: Leibo 8100 Wireless set 165 yuan

Total: 5300 CNY

(The above proposal by the Inner Mongolia century Jiahe saving machine Division Anqi recommended, accessories for the June 17 market price. )

Save the machine teacher comments: Windows7 on the system performance requirements and WindowsVista equivalent, therefore, this set of configuration can be fully smooth operation of the operating system. Because Windows7 brings virtualization technology into it, running virtual machines on the processor performance and memory capacity requirements, so the use of the II720 processor and 4G DDR2800 memory, and more cost-effective 4850-letter version of the Magic, ATI4850 graphics cards are sufficient for the entertainment needs of everyday audio and video games.

Many people want to save a bed of roses, but, because they do not know much about computer knowledge, or do not understand the market prices and went a lot of detours. This newspaper "Save Machine Advisory Desk" column will invite professional saving machine for you free of charge to provide savings machine advisory services, you can call 13704788835 for consultation, we will collate the reader's request, formulate the corresponding saving machine program.

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