The second article--the feasibility analysis of software

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On the class only to know, for a software development is not so simple, I thought it was just a simple compilation of the next process is good, did not expect the preparatory work is so complex.

For example, you can not imagine a software, you want to do it is very good, is worthy of encouragement, but it can be made technically is still to be verified, not a composition topic called "Look up to the stars and down-to-earth", that is the rationale, if the technology is not perfect, or the current software programming simply can not achieve the purpose, So congratulations, and a sweet dream.

Then you have to think about your funding and time problems, you say you have the idea of strength, but did not invest, that is also very sad, now this society can not do anything to do, so you have to have enough money to spend, so you can boldly go to code code; have money to ask yourself, you have enough time? If a software needs you more than 10 years or even decades to get out, even if there is a lot of investment, I think ... It seems to be quite out of the question (but this value is personal, maybe some people want to spend a few decades compiling a software to promote social development to realize the Chinese dream ... )

Finally, I think of one, some software you can not make up casually. Even if you have a lot of money and technology, some software compiled out, but can not be made up! Why is it? Because the state is not allowed. I think of Google that example, people's technology strong to the Goodle Earth resolution can be reached so high, the street walk can see, the United States of course the music is bad ah, he can go to spy on the military intelligence of other countries, right, see how your country Martial drill How is it, see you are not engaged in the new technology is it. So the other countries do not do, and then Google Earth was forced to play mosaic. Who let you destroy the rights of others?

... In fact, the teacher also talked a lot of factors, probably remember these aspects, other content in the GB that folder I looked at, did not remember how much.

Teacher fan AH I am sorry you, I still have one weeks to test IELTS, so this feasibility analysis of the report Ah, then move back, to ensure high-quality completion of the task!

--Li Feng essay 2016.3.20

The second article--the feasibility analysis of software

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