The second day of reading the building method

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Just read the first chapter of the construction of the content, mainly on the field of computer science, software engineering and computer science, software and the characteristics of the definition and components of the four aspects of the content. Below I will be divided into four parts

To record their own harvest.

The first part:

1, Software = program + The core part of the Engineering software engineering is the construction management, source code management, software design, software testing, project management. In a broad sense, software engineering also includes user experience, user design interface, etc.

So an extension of the inference is: Software enterprise = Software + business model.

2, software development has different stages: (1) Toy stage (2) hobby stage (3) Exploration stage (4) Mature industry Stage

Part II:

1. Software Engineering Definition: The process of applying the systematic, orderly and quantifiable method to the development, operation and maintenance of software.

2. Software engineering includes the following areas: requirements analysis, software design, software construction, software testing and software maintenance.

3, the Software form: System software, application software, malicious software.

4, the particularity of the Software: (1) complexity (2) Invisibility (3) variability (4) Compliance (5) Non-continuity

Part III:

The different emphases of computer and software engineering.

Computer science Software
Discover and study long-term, objective truths Short-term actual results (the specific software will be obsolete)
The idealized Compromise on a variety of factors
Certainty, perfection, versatility Management of uncertainties and risks, good enough and specific applications
Independent and thorough research and achievement of various disciplines Focus on and apply the knowledge of various disciplines, solve problems,
The Unification of theory Practice method of blooming flowers
Emphasis on originality The best and most mature practical method
Formal, pursuit of concise formula Inspiration and intuition built up in practice
Correctness Reliability

Part IV:

Read the first chapter not only understand some theoretical, conceptual knowledge, but also know the book teaching and training goals. Look forward to through their own efforts, can gradually do the following three points:

(1) Develop software that meets the needs of users.

(2) To publish "good enough" software within the expected time through a certain software process.

(3) can prove that the software developed can be maintained and continue to develop.

Refueling efforts to achieve these three points!!!

The second day of reading the building method

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