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In the daily use of the computer process, is not sometimes receive some software spontaneous pop-up window, or push news news, or sell advertising. On the surface, this is already more accustomed to things, many people may think the author here in a fuss! In fact, we can look at it from a different point of view, installed in the computer software, they can automatically in the user system any pop-up advertising window, which means that these software has the computer itself relevant permissions, If they are invoked maliciously, they can be evil. So, what do they want?

Here, we will go to collect some examples of the phenomenon of the window, to compare with what kind of small bomb window is dangerous, which is to soy sauce, which is relatively useful? The full text we will take the concrete typical case as the basis, joins the test analysis, finds the bomb window behind the secret, lets everybody understand this fact deeply.

Advertising-type windows are often linked to the interests of cooperative operators

Pop-up windows used to be a typical Trojan horse modus operandi, a pop-up to see a variety of pages, ads, many users will still open anti-virus software to scan the overall to be assured. But now the software and even operators are generally contaminated with the rogue habits, as long as a boot from time and again there will be ads pop-up, in fact, these pop-up ads are not Trojans. So where do these pop-up windows come from, we'll look at them together.

Why do software play Windows?

To find out why the software installed on the computer is active in the window, I'm afraid we need to first figure out the type of window, the content and the purpose of the window.

Type of window of play

At present, there are more kinds of software window, but most of them include:

Thunderbolt 7 Auto Popup information content pop-up window

Recommend information. This kind of specially recommended information content of the window type, the vast majority of the software itself has a great relationship with the functional nature. For example, if a user installs a large portal network news client on a computer, or is an online network TV client, it is likely that you will often receive some information about news and network video that are closely related to these platforms.

The content of the window is directly a commodity advertisement

Spread advertising. Mention of the spread of advertising, that is, the distribution of advertising, and the traditional streets and lanes posted, the type of small ads in person is not different, so sometimes this behavior is more objectionable. And through the network, the computer program, such as channel window ads, although different, but the impact of the audience is also very large oh.

Tencent QQ Notice Bomb window

Sogou input function Set window tips

Convey the notice. Software notification is often related to the software itself, such as the Software Update prompts the window, the failure to run the window and so on, these relative to the user, people have more reason to accept a point.

Advertising and information are bundled together. This type can be said to be the mainstream of the model, the issue of the window, not only to meet the user in time to understand information, but also can send small ads to the user hand, can be said to "kill the birds with one stone."

Bullet window Content

In fact, the content and the type of window is inseparable, what kind of window to decide what kind of content it has.

Summary of the previous author and you analyzed the type of window. In fact, the pattern of content is also easy to distinguish.

Window purpose

The window of these acts, in fact, after everyone looked, are directly aware that the pop-up window is to give their users the message, of course, the type of information, the content of the information, the previous analysis has been more detailed, combined with these two points easier to uncover some of the purpose of the window.

Multi-interest relationship of window behavior possible

Push the content of the information, nothing more than to make for more users can see the software operators think of the hot, fine information content, advertising, is undoubtedly the relevant software operators and other commodity sales platform, promotion agencies to cooperate to allow users to obtain information on goods, promote the sale of goods. Of course, the cooperation of many Parties, in which there is more or less the interests of the Division, from this point of view, it is easier to explain why the window can accompany a lot of application software port, enduring.

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