The Secret of PNG

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PNG is the image format that we often use, but do you really know about PNG?
This is a front-end sharing will, a bit of cold will take you to understand the PNG you do not know. There are three first questions:
What is PNG?
What are the features of PNG?
How do I optimize PNG?

Png的秘密 — 内容简介 原文地址:
  • 1. PNG's secret-do you really understand PNG? By a scouring UX trace
  • 2. First we look at three questions:
  • What is PNG?
  • What are the features of PNG?
  • How do I optimize PNG?
  • 3. What is PNG?
  • The full name is: Portable Network Graphics (Portable networks graphics) is a: Lossless bitmap image File format
  • PNG was born in 1996
  • The current version of PNG is ISO International (IEC 15,948:2003), which became the recommended standard on November 10, 2003.
  • 4. Characteristics of PNG
  • 1). Can be successive approximation of the display: the outline of the picture, and then gradually display the details of the image (corresponding to the PS interleaved option)
  • 2). Support for storing additional text information: Image name, author, copyright, creation time, comments, etc.
  • 3). Transparency: ① Boolean transparent (index transparent) can only be opaque or fully transparent. ②alpha transparency supports full transparency and translucency.
  • 5. PNG Comparison of various formats
  • 6. PNG Comparison of various formats
  • 7. The IE6 of Evil
  • IE6 PNG Translucent: Filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader (src= "img. png", sizingmethod= "scale");
  • Cons: Increase in additional CPU and memory consumption
  • Image not suitable for IMG Insert, background tile not supported
  • The link fails, the form cannot get focus, workaround: ① causes the link element and form element to get haslayout, typically plus: position:relavtive, but when the parent element is defined as Position:absolute, the This method invalidates the ② background layer as a separate container, and the content is sibling
  • 8. IE6 PNG Transparent progressive enhancement
  • For buttons with gradient shadows: Modern browsers use Fireworks to export PNG-8 modern browsers with alpha Transparent IE6 translucent parts for full transparency
  • If IE6 also needs translucent effects: Fireworks Photoshop
  • Then the IE6 is translucent through the filter
  • 9. Summary
  • The PNG format has 8-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit three forms, where 8-bit PNG supports two different forms of transparency (index transparency and alpha transparency), 24-bit PNG does not support transparency, 32-bit PNG adds 24-bit transparent channels on a 8-bit basis, and therefore can exhibit level 256 transparency.
  • Photoshop does not support or output png8+alpha transparent png,32 bits PNG output is output from 24-bit PNG plus transparent information, so fireworks supports PNG better.
  • Non-IE6 browsers can display PNG images with transparent information normally, while IE6 can properly display png8+ index transparency and 32-bit transparent PNG images with the help of the filter, but the Png8+alpha transparent image support is not good enough.
  • The composition of a. png file-----A fixed 64-byte signature domain for a PNG file: decimal number 137 80 78 71 13 10 26 106 binary 4e 0d 0a 1a 0a Block structure = key block + secondary data Block + Data Block summary
  • The composition of a. png file
  • 1.PNG file flag, fixed 64 bytes: decimal number 137 80 78 71 13 10 26 106 binary 4e 0d 0a 1a 0a
  • 2. File header data Block Ihdr (header chunk)--Fixed length 13 bytes
  • 3. Palette data Block Plte (palette chunk)
  • 4.sbit,trns (storage transparency information) block?
  • 5. Image data Block Idat (chunk)
  • 6. Image end Data iend (Image trailer chunk)--fixed 96 bytes: 0x00000000 0x49454e44 0xae426082
  • 12. We can give PNG an "axe".
  • 13. Example PNG header
  • 14. File Header data Block ihdr00000008-00000020
  • 15. Summary
  • PNG optimization tool selectively cleans up auxiliary data blocks
  • PNG is compressed based on the LZ77 compression algorithm, and the optimization tool is re-compressed to a larger level (lossless)
  • Application Scenarios for Png,jpg,gif
  • 17. PNG is intended to replace GIF, except for special scenes such as animated images, it is generally recommended to use PNG
  • PNG vs. gif
  • . png animations
  • The apng format is an unofficial bitmap animation format that extends from PNG. HTTP://IMAGE4.360DOC.COM/DOWNLOADIMG/2009/10/22/28 9266_7657398_48.png
      • 20. Application Scenarios
      • When should I use PNG? First look at such a picture title
      • JPG 80% 12.0 KB PNG-8 256-color 5.54 KB occurrence noise
      • . JPG 80% 33.1 KB distortion more severe PNG-8 256 colors 53.6 kb
      • 23. Summary
      • PNG is better (vector) when the number of image colors is low and basically solid color or smooth gradient
      • For images with rich color or deep layers of images with better jpg, such as: people, landscapes and other realistic photo shoot
      • For the background of the Web page, buttons and so on as far as possible to use PNG storage, to ensure better visual quality; ads, commodities, etc. can be stored using JPG (this time the file is smaller, faster loading)
      • 24. How should the design be wet?
      • Control the virtual reality of the pixel: use the path to adjust the sub-pixel-improve the image's fullness
      • 25. Recommended Compression tool Pngoptimizer (Http://
      • 26. Recommended Compression tool PNGOut (
      • 27. Recommended compression tool Yahoo: (
      • 28. An ice- cold Blog for the UX:

The Secret of PNG

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