The server file contains ransomware. If the extension is gamma, how can the suffix be restored?

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The server contains ransomware, And the extension is Gamma. How can this problem be solved?

Recently, with the arrival of the small holiday in May October 1, many companies have made some moves. Others are on holiday, and Fudan decryption company is very busy. The Team has received a number of blackmail from the Gamma extension, the decryption was successful in a short period of time and won praise from the customer. According to the particularity of the virus, the Fudan Team recommends that you regularly perform physical backup and perform alternate backup on disks A and B. Install security software such as anti-virus software and firewall, and set high-strength passwords. Prevent the occurrence of such blackmail events...

Fudan decryption team of top ransomware decryption team decrypts 15169121444 qq3157331512

Upgrade pxabw suffix to version 5.0

Decryption is safe and reliable. I chose Fudan decryption industry's top industry company!

The server file contains ransomware. If the extension is gamma, how can the suffix be restored?

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