"The server has insufficient storage space and cannot handle this command"

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When a computer opens something on a network neighbor or opens a folder, it always prompts "the server has insufficient storage space and cannot process this command (not enough server storage is available to process this command )", in the past, I encountered the same error message because the server was not restarted after some windows updates were installed. If the problem persists after processing, I found an error record "event ID 2011, the server configuration parameter "irps4tacksize" is too small to allow the server to use local devices. Add the value of this parameter .".

Http://support.microsoft.com/? Based on M $ knowledge /? Kbid = 177078 guide,

Create a key value


The type is DWORD and the value is set to 0x32. The problem is solved after restart.

Anti-virus software may cause event ID 2011
Warning improper use of the Registry Editor can cause serious problems and the operating system may need to be re-installed. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems caused by improper use of the Registry Editor. You are at your own risk to use the Registry Editor.

To solve this problem, increase the irpstacksize value in the Registry: 1. Click start, and then click Run.
2. type regedit and click OK.
3. navigate to the following items:
4. Double-click the irpstacksize value in the right pane.

Note: If the irpstacksize value does not exist, use the following procedure to create this value: A. In the parameters folder of the Registry, right-click the right pane.
B. Point to new, and click the DWORD Value.
C. Type irpstacksize.

Important: Because the value name is case sensitive, enter "irpstacksize" in the displayed format ".

5. Change "base" to decimal.
6. In the value data box, type a value greater than the listed values.

If the irpstacksize value is created using the step described in Step 4, the default value is 15. We recommend that you increase the value by 3. Therefore, if the previous value is 11, enter 14 and click OK ".
7. Disable Registry Editor.
8. restart the computer.
If the problem persists after completing the preceding steps, increase the value of irpstacksize. In Windows 2000, the maximum value is 50 (0x32 hexadecimal ).

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