The seven reasons and treatment methods of burning money in auction account

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Recently contacted a number of traditional industry companies, a lot of talking about Baidu bidding is really untold, the cost is too high, the effect is getting worse, one months to burn advertising costs nearly 10,000, call the advisory are not a few, don't say a deal, did Baidu promotion not only after the performance did not improve or even loss, a large number of business leaders want to give up We are also deeply aware of the bidding and management team of Jay-Tech. After all, now competitive competition more and more fierce, any industry has dozens of in the promotion, and we have a part of the customer's hot keyword Click prices are high to dozens of yuan, or even hundreds of dollars, you think, be peer several times, be done to sell the point several times, How many times does a real customer click? If there is no experience in the operation of the account, the results can be imagined, where the team's chief director of the bidding Vuronge based on years of experience to give you a summary of the reasons for bidding losses and solutions,

A. Non-genuine customer clicks

Non-true customer clicks include peer clicks, sales clicks,

Baidu to promote the system since September 2013, the malicious click of the software can be shielded more than 98 of the basic, this is basically not to worry, we are here to say that the peer for the purpose of understanding competitors to work a few times a day, and also is to do sales, such as marketing bid open account, Selling 400 of calls, sales of diving software, marketing seo, and so on, a rough estimate, our Baidu advertising fee is 20 peer Click, 10 of the sales of the click, that is, if our one-month advertising fee is 10,000, of which 3000 are wasted by these people, This is a huge waste of small businesses and startups, and it's about their survival that we have to find a way to avoid these wastes.


1 Shielding IP, we can analyze data statistics, such as Baidu statistics, 51 statistics, statistics out of one months more than 3 through the promotion of links to visit our website IP, and no consultation or call, in the promotion of the background shielding his IP section, you think, if it is our potential customers, the first time to not consult, The second came without consultation, and the third came not yet, QQ customer service, Baidu Business Bridge, so obvious communication tools, if there is intention, even if there is a little bit of intention, it should ask, if there is no consultation, I think 90 of the possibility is that he is not our customers, that is we want to give up his is to block his IP.

2. Lower the popular keyword bid, a lot of industry's hot keyword in fact, the turnover rate is not high, or even very low, such as: Wedding photography, decoration companies, training schools, travel agencies, computer schools, hospitals and so on, these keywords click Price is very high, this part of the key words although the index is very high, but not high These words are accompanied by the search, be done by SEO search under the leadership of the search, these people at the same time, a large number of people will click on your ads, so we can lower the price of this part of the key words, thus saving advertising costs.

3. Call on peers do not casually click on other people's ads, you ordered someone else's ads, you will not be more than a deal, if you want to understand the opponent, you can copy People's Web site open look on it, and you click on the other side of the ad to a certain extent will elevate the price of the keyword, which is not good for themselves, there is to sell, You want the other person to buy your product or service, you also click on his ads, he will buy it is strange, this I have a lot of experience, some open accounts and sales of the diving software, every day click on our company website ads come in, I will never buy any products he sell.

Two. Keyword matching mode

Do not know your attention is not, as long as Baidu customer service to help us set the keyword matching mode, most of them choose a wide range, so that will match a lot of invalid, unrelated keywords, and even because I set up a precise match, Baidu staff to call me said the flow has dropped, show less, suggest I set a wide range of matches, I think for invalid traffic, I would rather not, for example, Jecheng technology is to do bid hosting, if the keyword "bid hosting" set to a wide range of matches, search "child Care", "Boutique managed Classes" Incredibly also show our company's advertising, for such a display and flow, for the Jecheng technology has no meaning, Please set up a good account of the matching mode, is generally new set phrase matching (now 3 models), and then stepwise analysis, filter set to exact match, some of the keywords can be set to phrase-accurate inclusion.

Three. Invalid keyword

Keyword is not added the more the better, through data analysis, we have to filter out the purchase intention or deal intention of the key words, some traditional enterprise auction account There are many invalid keywords, resulting in a waste of advertising costs, when we use the bidding to promote the background keyword tools to add keywords, After we enter the hot keywords in our industry, the following will recommend a lot of relevant keywords, this time we need to have a selective addition, instead of adding all, including the use of digging tools, the same, we need to have a selective add keywords, such as search "bid hosting", will give you the recommendation of "Bid escrow contract" , "bid-account escrow contract", such keywords for Jecheng technology is absolutely not a deal, we need to give up.


Through statistical tools analysis of the last one months paid to promote the flow of the use of search terms, to filter out the intention of not buying the keyword, and then in the promotion of the background to delete the keyword or add to the negative keyword.

Four. Geographical extension

To promote the online before we need to consider our customer base is mainly from the local or national, for example, wedding photography, wedding companies, this kind of industry is mainly for local customers, then we will definitely be in the promotion of only the region, search promotion can be selected a separate province, the network Union can be specific to a prefecture-level city. On the contrary, it was originally oriented to the local, the result we opened the national promotion, that has to waste how much advertising fees ah, make money or lose money needless to say that know, this problem is very simple, but often many traditional enterprises make mistakes.

Five. Promote the background Account optimization tool for reference only

Baidu to promote the background now has a lot of tools, such as looking at the rankings, to reduce costs, expand the source, super peers, and so on, the recommendations of these tools for reference only, their fundamental purpose is to let us increase the bid, extension time, so that more advertising costs, as well as the recent introduction of the account physical examination tools, are trying to let us spend more money, Theoretically speaking, the more advertising, the better the effect, but this is not absolute, we have to do is to improve the conversion rate. Some enterprises recruit inexperienced bidding Commissioner is responsible for advertising, for the promotion of the background of the recommendations, tips, all fully accepted, appeared "one months of burning advertising costs nearly 10,000, the telephone counseling are not a few" also very normal.

Six. Bidding ranking software

Before I met a client who said, our company key words tens of thousands of, if the manual operation adjustment words certainly not, actually otherwise, even if the keyword has tens of thousands of, hundreds of thousands of, millions of, artificial also can optimize, adjust, operate, as long as we in the establishment account structure when the classification clear, each classification one promotion plan, Each promotional program corresponds to a number of promotional groups, each promotion group corresponding to the following creative and related keywords, structure clear, at a glance. On the contrary, the use of bidding ranking software, and Baidu to promote the background of the tool is almost, it is not as good as Baidu to promote the background of the tool, ranking call data is not accurate, Baidu's bid ranking data will not be open to other companies, not to mention the ranking is involved in all the sites, If you follow the instructions of a third party tool, it is normal to burn the money.

Seven. Mobile Promotion

Mobile promotion was launched in early 2013, is the use of mobile phones, tablets search customers, with more and more mobile phone screen and convenient, fast usability, more and more customers use mobile phone search query information, mobile promotion just on the line, many customers did not pay attention to the default is the same as the PC price, That consumes a lot of advertising money every day, that time, Daily traffic from accounted for about 30, if you take time every day to visit your customer service system, visitors on the line to keep the sound of your internal anxiety, you will even suspect that someone has brushed me, is not, oh, originally from the mobile phone access to customers, and generally we recommend mobile phone promotional bid set for PC price of 0 .3 times times, why? Because most of the customers using mobile phone search simply want to understand the information, a customer from the access to the deal is a process, and mobile phone access to the temporary, arbitrary decision of the customer turnover rate is lower, this time we can give customers a little impression, when he really want to buy, He'll be cool. Sit in front of the computer and check for comparisons again.

The above is Jay-Cheng bidding team chief director Vuronge for everyone to analyze and summarize the seven major causes of the auction and treatment methods, the operation of the auction you see as soon as possible your account is also the above problems, these problems are the most easily found but often overlooked by everyone. Of course, these are mainly the internal problems of the account, for the cause of the cost of burning the account external factors, such as Web pages, customer service consulting skills, and so on, there is the network of the Union's burning money problems, these issues next Vuronge will be shared, please look forward to.

The data in the account is constantly changing, so a healthy account is the need for us to continue analysis, optimization, this is a long-term work, Jecheng bidding team has tens of millions of actual experience, we not only talk about theory, more understanding of practice, we not only understand SEO, more understand the bidding.

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