The significance of part-time and private work for programmers is money.

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I recently heard that some new people are clamoring for private work and looking for a part-time job. This reminds me of my new career. I once had a desire for private work and part-time work. I think they are much stronger than they are now.
Looking back at the private work that has been done in the past few years, there were quite a few part-time jobs. In the past few years, I promised my girlfriend that I would not have done part-time jobs, but I had to continue my next private job. Sorry for your commitment. People should not be so untrustworthy. I think I didn't actually get any money. It's just a waste of money.
At first, it was definitely because of money. At least I am. Basically, few new graduates of IT will treat them well and pay for their living expenses. This also makes new people feel idle. At the beginning, I felt that my work was easy, and I thought that I didn't use a lot of things I learned (the company only arranged simple jobs for new people). I could buy the rest of my knowledge to people who needed it. I started to look around and ask for help. Please come over and ask your friends to pay attention to it so that you can feel at ease. "Remember, please remember and introduce it to me ."
The first time, the trust there, the reputation there. It is naturally a bumpy journey and a hard journey.

Looking back, there are hundreds of RMB and hundreds of dollars for what we have done. One person is responsible for the entire project, and the other is working with the boss, if you send RMB or USD, you have to ask for help again. You have to wait for a few months to get two o'clock in the morning. Do you have any requirements, there are also dozens of pages of english documents. If you don't receive any money, you may lose money. Some of my friends introduced this, some insiders introduced it, some of them came here, and I tried to get them from various big information websites every day. Linlin was a lot of complicated and tired.

Did someone ask you this question during an interview: Have you developed a project independently? Can you independently undertake the entire project?

Whether the company's recruitment information is written as follows: independently completed the project, or responsible for the development of the entire project. And so on, that is, the opposite ability to complete the entire project, face all aspects of the project, solve problems in various projects, and have no need to create demands. Changing the title of your "programmer" is essential to understanding and creating demand. Can we do a project without any requirements? In fact, this doesn't mean that there is no need, but that you need to understand the needs, analyze the needs, and refine the needs.

There are still a lot of issues to be considered and things to do for a project. If you haven't played it before, we suggest you have a chance to play it yourself. Even the simplest website, css + div, script, background code, security issues, performance issues, and the implementation of related business logic can all be described in this article, can make you grow.

How can we make ourselves have such an opportunity?

First of all, I think the most important thing is that you still have this power. You cannot ask the website administrator to deliver it to him after one year of study? Of course, it may exist, that is, free friendship. If you don't pay for it, are you motivated? Your growth will be compromised. So in order not to let your customers say goodbye to you, you still need to make up the course and extract the reserve knowledge. I want to improve the writing level not until I start writing as a writer. Your reserve capability is a prerequisite for your private activity, but it is not a prerequisite for customers.

How can potential customers know your existence? In fact, this is a bit like marketing and selling products. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you familiar with your sales sister? Can you talk to every brother in your department? Has your social circle not been expanded for several years? Maybe there are still a few people who often contact each year?

It seems that many people are teasing programmers about their emotional intelligence. I wonder if you have realized the importance of emotional intelligence to you and me as a programmer?

Both internal and external students are the required courses for private activities.

Now, of course, there are also private activities, and now it is for money, of course, money. However, it is totally different from what you did for money. In the past, you didn't just bring money to you, but also let you grow. Do not work for money only. Pay attention to your own growth in this process. I met several friends and got a living every day, but I changed my company name, address, and picture every day. I don't want to automate repetitive tasks every day!


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