The simplest and most efficient free solution for real-time file synchronization and file backup between cloud servers

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Multiple cloud servers distributed across different cloud computing hubs, often requiring file synchronization to meet business needs. Traditional file synchronization scheme, the deployment of cumbersome, synchronous real-time poor, not satisfactory.

End-to-end Clouduolc, a pure-to- peer file real-time synchronization and real-time backup software, in the simplest, most flexible and safest way to become a multi-device data synchronous backup on the WAN choice. and deployment super simple, as long as ten seconds, do not need profound expertise, ordinary small white users can operate. The most enjoyable thing is that it's free.

Users only need to go to the end of Clouduolc 's official website, after downloading the latest client, installed on the Windows server (currently does not support Linux), Then run the client login (if you don't have a user, you can register one now), and then, if you don't have a cloud, create a name for your cloud (refer to the blog post), and then, for each of the other cloud servers, register a user and add it as a cloud member; You can set the Sync directory according to your needs (please refer to the blog post), you are done, a private cloud composed of multiple cloud servers is so gorgeous deployment completed. You can also add PCs to the cloud for multi-device bidirectional real-time synchronization. You try to copy a file to the Sync directory, and it is not immediately synced to another online member server (PC). Wow, less than 1 seconds, very exaggerated there are wood there!

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The simplest and most efficient free solution for real-time file synchronization and file backup between cloud servers

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