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We are engaged in any industry, anything will exist in different competitors, do site optimization is the case, Baidu's home page only gives us 10 positions, we have to overcome peer opponents to get the 10 positions in one. But when our opponents are strong, it is not easy for us to win, only by studying the competition carefully can we get a real victory. As the old saying tells us, knowing knows what can be victorious. In order to understand the opponent and beyond the opponents, we should be from what aspects of the details to do it? The following author and everyone to analyze it.

 First: Before the website on-line, treats oneself as the user to browse the opponent website

A lot of webmaster friends like to follow the crowd, see other people do the site to make money is not want to build the site, the result because of capital and strength is not enough. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand competitors before they are online. How do you know? I think it should be from the search industry keyword to browse the opponent's website to start. For example, my website is to do the construction of Shanghai website This piece, we can search "Shanghai website Construction", "Shanghai Construction Station" and other industry keywords, and then through the search results, browse the top ten sites, and then regard themselves as ordinary users, according to the needs of ordinary users and psychology to browse these sites, To see which Web site is the most attractive to you, and then copy the Web site, then build the site can refer to these sites, this is a very sensible approach.

  Second: Study the site structure and content of rival websites

A website light has the appearance is not good, the content and the structure is the website everything. Similarly, if we only study and imitate the appearance of rival sites, this will only make our site a zombie, no soul to say. This is when we have to study the content and structure of our competitor's website. The author thinks that we should study the structure and content of the opponent's website from the following details:

(1) The structure of the website is varied, there are two-column structure and three-column structure, etc., we can choose according to our industry, if our industry is more professional, such as my example above "website construction", we can choose a concise, neat site structure, as the following figure:


This structure is simple, fresh, and can also highlight the business we want to show. Of course to choose which structure also have to choose the webmaster according to their own circumstances, here this is to play an analogy, you do not care.

(2) Study the content of the website needs to be from the website article original degree and the article internal link to begin. We can randomly select four or five articles to copy the most recent article to the Baidu search box, if the high degree of repetition, indicating the low degree of originality of the website article, also reflects that we can use the plateau to rout the article to defeat the opponent; the internal link of the article should also be studied, if the opponent's website article internal links very well, as the following figure:


This requires us to do more from the chain aspect of the article, write more related articles, from the inner chain to rout competitors.

  Third, study the external chain of opponents, make out the chain strategy

This method can be said to be a cliché, but a lot of people just stay in the study of the level is, very few people specifically for the external chain of opponents to make the corresponding outside the chain strategy. To formulate a strategy, we have to analyze the enemy chain, through the domain to find out the chain of methods to believe that many people will, but the author now does not recommend this method, but recommended the use of Baidu Webmaster platform outside the chain tool, the reason is more authoritative, and the results of the query is very comprehensive:


We can based on the results of the query to develop a chain strategy. For example, the competition outside the chain is mainly focused on several important sites, we can go to these sites to send our outside the chain, at the same time to some competitors did not find the site to hair, so that we can enhance the chain of relevance, but also to enhance the breadth of the chain, the quality of our outside chain will soon be able to surpass rivals.

Life we need to compete with others all the times, the internet is so cruel, the survival of the fittest, the weak elimination, we can only continue to learn from the competitor's experience and formulate strategy, in order to let our website from the brutal competition to win, to win the final victory, and stand still. This article is designed for Shanghai website Construction feeds, hope to reprint a friend plus a link, thank you for your support!

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