The sixth day is now-write it to the child I will be born!

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Today, the weather is fine, and there is a small shower in the evening.


Tomorrow, I am not mature enough to become the father of a child.

Hope tomorrow (No, it should be today, it is now early morning ..) The children can come smoothly, because it is children's day, it is a good day for the new arrival of the baby!

At the same time, I also praised my lovely wife: A Doll's face was filled with Liu Hulan's resolute expression and told me, "I want to be a strong mother "!

At this moment, I felt my responsibility. Although the nurse drove six people out of the ward. But I came home with this joy and embarrassment and wrote the above words.

To you again --- my favorite person!


In addition, I would like to like the "baby", his grandmother and grandmother, and his grandfather ("baby", his uncle, uncle, and stone brother will be notified one after another !)

They all sent blessings and condolences at critical moments. I especially commend my "baby" grandmother for coming to Beijing by train tomorrow!


~~ Family ties and blood are what they mean. I hope my baby will go back to this article after 18 years: Learn about the historical background before birth.


Looking forward to tomorrow, looking forward to hope!


P.s I will ask my boss for "Paternity Leave" tomorrow ".


God bless us!


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