The solution of the Storm video 3 subtitle garbled problem

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The latest storm audio and video Ⅲ users of the perfect version of the V3.02950 has been released recently, not only the use of Mee Engine 2.0, but also new support for 79 formats, more than 40 features (click to view the details), which for our storm audio and video users is absolutely good news. The new version adds a hand/automatic caption loading, subtitle format adjustment function, this particular attraction to the author, so a specific test, but found a problem-can not adjust the caption display font.

As we all know, the. avi format is much clearer than the. rm format in terms of both quality and sound, but the subtitle files generally need to be loaded separately. Use Storm AV ⅲ to open an. avi format movie, press the F10 function key in the playback interface state, and then locate the subtitle file (. srt format) and select it to import. But its default font appears as "Arial", I prefer to use "Microsoft Ya Black" font, so the subtitle display font set to "Microsoft Ya Black", the results found that the caption is "garbled" (Figure 1).

Figure A modified load font for Microsoft ya Black when garbled

Try to transform to other fonts, such as the song, the imported subtitles is still "garbled" (Figure 2).

The second tune to the song is still garbled

Use Notepad program to open the subtitle file view, also did not find anything unusual, so the question is the caption set. Look closely at the subtitles display in advanced options, hope to find out what "clues", see a "style" option, so try to "style" from the original "ANSI (0)" transform to "default (1)" (such as Figure 3), to determine after a look at the title immediately normal. ---

Figure three adjusts the caption display style to return to normal

Summary: After the author test, no matter what font used in Chinese subtitles, as long as the style of "ANSI (0)" will be displayed as garbled, just to change its style to "default (1)" or "GB2312 (134)" can be. Of course, if you use other language of external subtitles, encounter font garbled problem, you can also try to change the font "style" to eliminate garbled.

Tip: ANSI is a 8-bit character set, only 128 characters, only English character, Roman numerals, special symbol character set, so if the Chinese subtitles in this style will display "garbled". Please adjust the Chinese subtitles to GB2312 (134) style.

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