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Router drop is probably not its own reason, before blaming the route, you need to verify that your network environment is normal. Connect a computer directly through the cat or the community broadband mouth, if not the Internet can not call the word is generally the phone line insulation or bad contact, We can check the wiring on our own. The damaged area will be affixed with insulating tape or directly to the operator to request on-site repair. If you can make a phone call, it may be an internet line problem, a cat problem, or a network cable problem. Displaying "remote computer not Responding" means Internet line problems, After eliminating this possibility, you can try changing the cat and network cable.

In addition to the problems with these devices, voltage instability can also be a router does not work as a killer. We recommend that you do not let the route, the cat and the induction cooker, air-conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, TV share a board, so as not to cause unnecessary damage. Of course, it is necessary to put the router in a cool, dry place.

Eliminate the hardware environment problem, we look at the software may cause the router to drop the problem analysis.

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Ensure intranet and external addresses are not in conflict

The use of Community broadband Internet access is often encountered this problem. Before surfing the internet, we need to view the instructions to understand the router's default administrative address. For example, your ISP's IP is 192.168.1.*, and your router's default management address is At this point you need to do is not connected to the Internet directly with the computer landing router will be the default address to or and other unused to the reserved IP address. If you do not know your own IP, please right-click the computer screen in the taskbar in the system tray area of the "Network Connection" icon, select " Status, select the Support tab in the Open submenu to see.

Ensure that too many DHCP servers are not present on the network

If you have a Windows 2000/NT server on your network or if your ADSL cat has DHCP server capabilities, you can turn off all DHCP servers in your network, use manual IP addresses, or leave only one DHCP server.

Make sure DNS settings are correct

QQ can not open the Web page this kind of pseudo-drop the most of the situation is due to the wrong DNS settings. We recommend that you set the DNS server address manually on the router and computer network card. Additionally, the DHCP service settings item in the router management interface requires you to manually set the DNS server address. The address needs to be obtained from the ISP vendor, and you can also

To search the Internet for a DNS network of your own area.

Cloning a computer MAC address to a router WAN port

Some ISPs, in order to limit the number of access users, the MAC address is bound on the authentication server. So there is a phenomenon in our network where the rest of the computer can be disconnected. We'd better fix the problem by configuring the router for the first time. If the router has a MAC address cloning feature, We can first connect a computer that is bound to a MAC address to a router LAN port, and then use MAC address cloning to copy the MAC address of the NIC to the WAN port of the broadband router. If the router does not support this feature, we can also modify the MAC address of the WAN port directly at the time of configuration.

Do not save records or regularly clean up record files

Routers are now almost all with logging, but logging is a resource consuming, and home routing memory and Flash are inherently small. We recommend that users be set to clean record files without saving records or often (once a week is recommended).

Upgrade Firmware

Manufacturers to provide upgrade firmware for users to better use the router, we follow the manufacturer's requirements to upgrade without worrying about the warranty issue. Once a problem occurs, the router has a reset button, according to the instructions to hold down the button for a few seconds to restore the default configuration, login Web username and password restored to the initial value If you cannot use it, you can find it after sale.

Attention matters

We recommend that you do not allow routing, cat devices and induction cooker, air-conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions share a board, so as not to cause unnecessary damage

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