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In our daily work, we are dealing with Excel every day and doing all kinds of forms. I don't know if you've noticed that your Excel files are getting bigger and faster, and that Excel is getting slower to run. Maybe you should go for a cup of coffee and your Excel will finish the calculation that you want to deal with.

Our Gold Instructors team recently in for enterprise customers to do technical support services to the process found that many users for a variety of reasons, is being the focus of Excel bad ears.

If your Excel file is open for more than 5 seconds, or do an operation to wait more than 10 seconds, please read this email patiently, hoping to help you.

Excel runs slowly, but there are several reasons for this:

1. There are too many worksheets in the workbook, and each file is almost 20 worksheets above.

2, there are too many external linked data sources in the workbook.

3. A number of named names are formed in the workbook and an external data source is referenced in the name.

4, the worksheet has too much enabled the range of cells, but is actually not used (can be detected with ctrl+end).

5, the network transmission speed is slow, the local area network transmission speed is low.

6. Many inefficient functions such as countif, SUMIF and VLOOKUP are used in the worksheets.

Conclusion: Because the file capacity is too large, and the external link data is numerous, every time the file is opened, Excel reads the file into memory, and all the linked files are opened for updating, and the network transmission is not smooth and the user's memory is small, which will cause each operation is a long wait.

Processing method:

1. Preliminary treatment method

1, to reduce file size and speed by eliminating all named areas in Excel that are no longer in use.

2, use the "Gao da Toolbox" to remove all invisible objects and do not use the area to clear. The tool please visit our website for free download.

3), the number of external links to clean up, do not use the deletion, still used instead of automatic Updates.

4, the file from 2003 format storage, to 2007 format storage, reduce file capacity.

5, increase the user's machine memory and improve the network transmission speed.

Through the above method treatment, after field test, the file capacity can be reduced by 50%-80%, opening speed can increase 30%-60%.

2, advanced processing methods

1, change employees to use Excel habits, such as avoiding the principle of expanding the use of empty cells.

2), change the design idea of the table, the content of the table to merge appropriately.

3), the appropriate split Excel form, fragmented.

4), change the use of Countif, SUMIF and VLOOKUP, and other inefficient functions, for other uses

5, participate in training, access to Excel form design and production of standardized skills.

3. Complete Solution

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