The soul of the mobile age

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This article is reproduced in computer newspaper No. 2012

This is a mobile age. Every day, as the mobile phone rings, a lot of auto-pushing news comes to us: Go to school, iPhone and Android phones accompany us on the way to work, from time to time, I picked up my cell phone and drew two yuan of fruit, and checked whether there was any QQ information. With the arrival of emails, it became a hobby for everyone to continue playing mobile phones in bed at night, before you go to bed, you need to use your cell phone to see the ghost story... Look, how rich and wonderful it is. In this era of full coverage of smart phones, we seem to have gained more knowledge and capabilities. Because technology is people-oriented, but our soul is becoming more and more exciting ......

The restless soul needs to accumulate
Yesterday, Nokia's mobile phone was still full of streets, and now it's hard to find it. The iPhone is updated every year and there will be a lot of new things each time, the price is still expensive, but many people have to worry about buying it. The Android mobile phone that just started yesterday found a new system update and a more powerful mobile phone.

There are more than N apps installed on mobile phones, and more than a dozen books are required to read, but fewer and fewer books are actually read, dozens of games are installed, but none of customs clearance is available, and several English software are installed, once or twice, I had to abandon it, for example, the life software was installed several times, but I never opened it. I walked every day for dinner, and I used my mobile phone to brush my microblog and QQ space before and when I was bored, everyone knows the things from domestic and foreign events to the things that their friends eat at noon, but they instantly don't remember anything. They don't want to waste time playing out with their friends, I can only contact a large number of friends on QQ at any time, but I can't find my friends again ......

What is the problem? In this mobile age, everyone becomes frivolous, his ambition becomes simple, his soul becomes restless, and with the price of smart phones, as the contact becomes more convenient, as wireless life becomes more convenient, it becomes more lazy. Endless desires bring about an endless comparison. Every day, people go in their desires and get hurt.

However, in this mobile age, how can a restless soul placate itself? The article "how to read a book" published in 1940 said: "Does media in the New Age really help us to better understand our own world ?" New media will certainly increase our understanding of the external world, but it will not increase our understanding of our own world. However, we certainly cannot shout back to the writing age, nor allow everyone to use the old black and white screen mobile phones, nor allow everyone to put all their electronic products to the teeth of the fire, just as we can no longer travel in a carriage and cook with a Coal Ball. It's all about the go back of history. We can only walk alone, read more books, read more books, read more about this society, learn more about our own world, and then reflect on it in the middle of the night ......

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