The steps of translating into English in the Bing Input Method v mode

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In the previous Bing Input Method tutorial, we have explained some of Bing Input Method v mode of use, many users feel very practical. And some forestall users in the Bing Input Method v mode found that V mode can also achieve the Chinese translation of the function of English. So, how does Bing IME v mode do it? Let's take a look at it!

Tutorial Instructions: The Bing Input method can be automatically translated because Bing enters the dictionary application in the V mode, and if you turn off the dictionary application, you cannot translate it automatically.

Click on the cursor where you want to enter the English translation, for example, I want to enter "fashion" in English, then I first enter the letter "V", pop-up v mode;

Then enter D by space or select 2 to open the Bing input dictionary application;

Enter the full spell of fashion, if not the first words to choose, the following automatic pop-up translation options, automatically translated is the text you selected;

If the following do not have the English you want, click the mouse down arrow down the page, select the seventh, press the number key 7;

6 Stylish English on the completion of the input, very convenient and quick.


To be networked to use Oh, Bing IME v-mode dictionary application is an online translation oh.

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