The strongest startup speed-up technique in WINXP

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Now, XP acceleration is enabled on the Internet. Article Not many are actually useful, and some are even misleading readers. I am also an XP user, and I am also deeply touched by the XP startup acceleration. I have read countless optimization articles, installed XP n times, and have gone through many detours. However, I finally summed up my experience in optimizing XP startup.
The configuration of my computer is not very good. It takes a long time to start after installing XP or 2003. the scroll bar needs to be rotated for more than 10 laps. After optimization, the startup time is significantly faster, you can't wait to open the system as long as the scroll bar turns around for more than one lap. The following details how to effectively accelerate the startup.

First, open "System Properties" (right-click on my computer-properties, or open "system" in the control panel, shortcut key win + pause break) and click the "advanced" tab, in the "Start and fault recovery" area, enable "Settings" and remove the two √ in the "system startup" area. If a multi-system user retains the √ of "display operating system list time. Click "edit" to determine that the additional attribute of the startup Item is/fastdetect instead of nodetect. Do not add the/noguiboot attribute first, Because guiboot will be used later.

Next, this step is critical. Open the hardware tab in "System Properties", open "Device Manager", and expand "Ide ATA/atapi controller ", double-click the secondary ide channel attribute, click the Advanced Settings tab, and change the transfer mode of device 1 and device 2 to DMA if available, if you can select "NONE" as the device type, select "NONE". Click "OK" to complete the setting and set "Main ide channel" in the same way ".

Open the Registry (START-run-Regedit), click "my computer", open "Search" in the "edit" menu, enter autoendtasks, and click "find next ". Double-click the result to change "value data" to 1. Then you can find hungapptimeout and waittokillapptimeout under autoendtasks, set "value data" to 2000 or smaller, and modify the menu delay time here, find menushowdelay under autoendtasks. The value is in milliseconds. If you want to remove the menu delay, set it to 0.

After modification, click the "edit" menu, open "find next" (shortcut: F3), and install the method modified in the previous step for all the results.

Now the acceleration of startup and shutdown has been completed. Restart your computer and feel the speed of startup. Is the scroll bar only one or two turns OK.

After enjoying the fast restart, we can further accelerate the startup speed and enable the "system attributes"-"advanced"-"Start and fault recovery" settings, open the "system startup" area and add/noguiboot to the end of fastdetect, so that the scroll bar will not be displayed at startup. If you really like the display of this scroll bar, you don't need to do it.

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