The system prompts nine reasons for "insufficient memory" and the Solution

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The system prompts nine reasons for "insufficient memory" and the Solution

I. The clipboard occupies too much memory.
In fact, the clipboard is a temporary area in the memory. When you use the "copy" or "cut" command in the program, windows will temporarily store the copied or cut content and its format on the clipboard for "pasting. If the current Clipboard contains a picture, the clipboard occupies a lot of memory. In this case, follow these steps to clear the content in the clipboard and release the memory resources it occupies:

1. click Start, point to programs or all programs, point to attachments, point to system tools, and click clipboard view programs ", open the clipboard viewing program window. 2. on the "edit" menu, click the "delete" command. 3. Close the clipboard viewing program window.

To distinguish it from the Multi-clipboard provided by Microsoft Office programs, the clipboard mentioned above is often called the system clipboard. If you are using the Micros oftoffice program and use its multi-clipboard function, you should clear the items on the "office Clipboard": on the Office clipboard task pane (officexp) or toolbar (Office2000), Click Clear all or clear the clipboard '". When "office Clipboard" is cleared, the system clipboard is also cleared.

2. Too many open programs

If too many files are opened at the same time or too many programs are running, there is not enough memory to run other programs. In this case, for multi-Document Interface (MDL) programs, such as Word and Excel, close all documents outside the current document and exit the unused programs, then, you may be able to continue executing the interrupted tasks due to "insufficient memory.

3. restart the computer

If you only exit the program and do not restart the computer, the program may not be able to return memory resources to the system. Restart the computer to release system resources and run the program again or run the interrupted task.

4. Too many programs run automatically

If too many programs run automatically when Windows is started, there is not enough memory to run other programs even if the computer is restarted.

(1) determine whether there are too many programs set to run automatically

1. Click start and then click Run ".

2. In the open box, type msconfig and click OK to open the System Configuration Utility window.

3. Click the "General" tab and select the "selective startup" check box to clear the "process win. ini file" check box and the "load Startup Group Project" check box.

4. Click OK. When the system prompts you to restart the computer, click yes.

After the computer is restarted, if the problem of insufficient memory has been solved, you can configure the computer to not open any program at startup.

(2) the computer does not automatically open any program.

1. restore the changes made in msconfig by clicking the General tab in the System Configuration Utility window, select normal startup, and click OK, then restart the computer.

2. Delete all shortcuts in the "Start" folder

① Click Start, point to settings, and click taskbar and Start Menu. The "Taskbar properties" dialog box is displayed.

② Click the Start Menu program tab and click the delete button.

③ Click the plus sign next to the "Start" folder to display the list of programs that are set to run automatically. If the plus sign "+" is not added to the "Start" folder, it indicates that no program is set to run automatically. Click "close" to terminate the process.

④ Click each shortcut in the "Start" folder and then click the "delete" button. This operation will delete shortcuts from the "Start" menu, but will not delete the corresponding programs from the hard disk. Repeat this step for each shortcut in the "Start" folder.

⑤ Click the close button.

6. Click OK.

3. Disable all programs loaded from the win. ini file

① As described above, the "System Configuration Utility" window is opened.

② Click the "win. ini" tab, double-click "[windows]", and clear the "load =" and "run =" check boxes.

③ Click OK. When the system prompts you to restart the computer, click yes.

5. manage Virtual Memory settings in Windows

If you have not set windows to manage the virtual memory or disable the virtual memory, the computer may not be able to operate normally or receive the message "insufficient memory, or the same error message appears when running a program.

1. Click Start, click Set, click control panel, and double-click system ".

2. In the "System Properties" dialog box, click the "performance" tab and then click the "virtual memory" button.

3. Select "Let windows manage Virtual Memory settings-(recommended)" to set the disk space that can be used as virtual memory on your computer to the default value. In this case, the virtual memory page "win386.swp" can be dynamically scaled down and amplified based on the actual memory usage. The minimum capacity is 0, and the maximum capacity is all the available space of the hard disk.

4. Click OK.

6. increase available disk space

Because Windows uses hard disk space in the format of virtual memory paging files to simulate RAM (), although it has been set to allow windows to manage virtual memory, however, when the drive where the virtual memory paging file is located (the hard disk partition where the Windows system is located by default) does not have enough space, the error "insufficient memory" will still occur. In this case, perform one or more of the following operations to increase the space available on the drive where the Windows virtual memory paging file is located:

1. Clear the recycle bin by right-clicking recycle bin on the desktop and then clicking clear recycle bin ".

2. to delete a temporary file from a disk, open the "Windows Resource Manager" or "My Computer" window, right-click the disk to release its space, and click "properties ", on the "General" tab, click the "Disk Cleanup" button to select the check box (3) before the unwanted files to be deleted ), read the description of each file type in the area below the list and click OK.

3. Delete expired or archived files from the disk.

4. Delete all files that have never been used.

7. Destruction of Program Files

If only a program is used, the system prompts that the memory is insufficient and other programs can run normally, the possible cause is that the program file is destroyed, resulting in memory problems. However, Windows does not explicitly indicate that the program is corrupted. Therefore, try to delete the program, reinstall it, and then run it again. If the system does not prompt that the memory is insufficient, the original program file is indeed damaged.

8. Use memory optimization software

There are many memory optimization software, such as Ram idle and memo kit, which are two outstanding. These software can be set to automatically clear the clipboard, release the memory not released by the closed program, and re-organize the win386.swp file, saving you the trouble of manual operations, to automatically release the memory, try again!

9. virus detection and removal

Computer Viruses Infected by the system are also the culprit of memory insufficiency. When the system encounters an "out-of-memory" error, please use the latest anti-virus software to kill the virus, or after clearing the computer virus, the problem of insufficient memory is solved.

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