The system prompts No available images (No image available) and vmwareavailable

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The system prompts No available images (No image available) and vmwareavailable

Today, when a new VM is created and the system is installed, the system prompts "no available image"

This problem occurs because different settings are selected when you create a VM. In this case, a floppy disk configuration item is added to the VM configuration no matter the first or second option is selected, this option is selected by default, which leads to the absence of available images.

Many of the above problems are said to start to quickly press F2 or ESC into the BIOS to modify the default startup sequence, but even if you set this, it still does not help, to solve this problem, you can remove the check box for the connection during startup in the device status of the floppy disk in the settings.

Of course, the best way is not to specify the installation source in the new VM wizard. Select the third option after the VM is created and then manually specify it so that no floppy disk option will appear, if you are using a CD, you can select a physical drive. If you are using an ISO image, attach it directly.

The solution to the problem is referred to the following link:

Virtual Machine win7 is used in win7, prompting that the available installation images cannot be displayed in windows.

1. Download an OS ISO Image File
2. After loading the ISO image, it becomes a virtual Optical Drive.
3. Modify the BIOS to start from the optical drive
4. Normal Installation
If you want to install windows 7 on a virtual machine, an error occurs every time you start the installation program.

First, you have not mounted the win7 installation disk. We recommend that you mount the installation disk in the settings.
Second, if your installation disk is faulty, it is an incomplete disk. We recommend that you download a new system installation disk.

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