The taste of coffee in his son's composition

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Coffee is bitter! But savor it, and you will find it more and more fragrant and sweeter. This is just like the taste of life-the first bitter sweet.

There are so many examples in my life that I was impressed by one thing a few days ago. School "to organize a speech contest, the teacher chose me." At that time I happened to have a city "class team" to participate in the game, I happen to be the host of the game. Can imagine, piles of piles of manuscript to me, pressure like mountains of big, pressure me spook, all my mind just think of the manuscript! The manuscript keeps changing, and I have to keep on my back. Over and over again, the back of the back of that, back to the end of that and switch to this. Head as if all want to explode, oneself feel already back to memorized, but the teacher still asked me to strengthen, again improve, perfect every detail! At this time I feel good bitter good bitter, like just drank a sip of coffee as bitter and astringent------speech contest began, recite's manuscript has been well-know in the heart, I stand firmly to the podium. The content of the speech is a very moving story, in my extremely rich of the process, I have witnessed some of the judges in the eyes of teachers have filled with tears. When I bowed to the end of the moment, "wow-wow-" the whole audience sounded thunderous refused to pause the applause. At that moment, I have not thought of the return and the heart of unprecedented satisfaction! The next day immediately after the "class team will" match the results can be imagined, in my classmates and I close cooperation, we won the city's first prize of good results!

In fact, any success and good news are hard, sweat and honed in exchange for. Life itself is like this, like coffee, you only have to taste bitter, first to pay bitter efforts, and then to harvest sweet success!

The taste of coffee in his son's composition

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