The teaching of the novice construction Station eight: The construction station takes the user experience as the King

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For the novice to build the station has too much knowledge and content need to learn and grope slowly, SEO optimization and promotion of which there is a user experience here Zhuo as the key, but these local concept is strong, there is no specific ideas and methods all are on their own to slowly groping, today we go on the The novice constructs the station the teaching Seven: SEO optimizes several important steps to learn today's build the station to take the user experience as the King course.

Early beginners in accordance with the course of learning and courses to learn basically can be a site to play, but now each site most attention is the user experience of this fast, because a good site their user experience is certainly very high and good, As long as the user of a website to upgrade up so that the site's traffic and user stickiness will gradually rise.

First of all, we have to learn to improve the overall content of the site, we update the time must be updated to read and check the content of several times, to see whether there are some defects in the update content and some articles of the statement is not fluent phenomenon, and we have to do the content to do fine.

The overall layout of the site is also the first feeling for the new user, so we should put the homepage of the site to do a relatively simple and clear, so that users into the site at the first glance feel very fresh and clean so that users have the interest to continue browsing, the site's internal page is also to be simple, especially remember not to give the site to add some background colors and flash fonts , because it is very easy to create a very messy visual error.

Advertising Alliance and layout is also very important, there are many sites like to place window ads and some fraud ads, in fact, these are very influential user experience and the search engine optimization has a great impact, We webmaster since want to build a station has its own income so I still recommend you put Baidu Alliance, Google Alliance ads, after all, is a big company's advertising effect and credibility are very good.

There are technical webmaster can give the site at the bottom or a prominent part of a user feedback message system, this system can be used to collect some of the user's suggestions and opinions, we webmaster also know what the site there are deficiencies which need to improve and modify the place, Only in this way can we listen to other people's opinions more perfect their own shortcomings.

In fact, the site user experience there are many places to do today are not one of the examples to say, here is just to give you some inspiration to webmaster webmaster know the importance of user experience, so we in the future daily update and maintenance we have to the user experience to join in, Only in this way we webmaster and site can be further development of good.

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