The technique of HP laser printer fault troubleshooting

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Laser printer is a good thing, printing speed, Office is also simple. But it can cause a lot of trouble in addition to its problems. After all, we are not experts, in the face of such a aroud things, as if the usual contact is not much, but also do not play, in addition to the problem is really bad whole. Therefore, when there is a problem, there is no alternative but to help.

got good luck these days, met the expert guidance Maze, told the solution to the laser printer fault, here and everyone to share.

Instance One, when the HP laser printer prints Stains

Failure phenomenon: HP laser printer, printing paper repeated some traces, and the distance is relatively close.

Cause Analysis: This is generally the result of a stain on a small roll.

Overhaul process and exclusion method: After inspection found that there is a stain on the Fuser roller, remove the stain after the troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Experience: The rolls are stained with stains, leaving a mark whenever they turn. If the mark is closer, may be the small roll formation, if the distance, you should check the larger roll, can be measured between the distances between the marks, and then calculated by the following formula for the roll diameter of imprinting: Roller diameter: Imprinted distance/3.14 can find specific rolls.

HP Laserjet1020plus

Instance second, the HP laser printer does not feed

Failure phenomenon: The printer does not feed, and shows the paper is missing.

Cause Analysis: This fault is mainly mechanical with a problem with the paper feed sensor or incorrect placement of the printer. And the circuit is mainly in the feed sensor control circuit.

Overhaul process and elimination method: first check the position of the printer is normal, and then check the paper feed sensor, found that the paper feed sensor dirty and confetti jammed and caused the printer can not feed paper. After the dirt and confetti in the paper-feeding sensor are cleaned, reinstall the paper that meets HP's requirements, turn on printing and troubleshoot.

Instance three, HP laser printer character exception

Symptom: Printed characters appear garbled phenomenon.

Cause Analysis: The reason for this failure is that the data cable plugs are loose, the interface circuit is damaged, the correct symbol set is not selected, the font is not mounted in memory, or the driver is not installed correctly.

Overhaul process and elimination method: first unplug the data cable plug again, and with pitch wire or buckle fixed, the boot print failure remains. And then replace the other printer test interface chips are no problem. Next through the printer's software settings program, select the correct symbol set, reload the font, the fault has not been excluded. Finally reinstall the driver, finally resolved the failure.

Instance four, HP laser printer printing paper has a white spot

Symptom: Printer print BlackImage, there is no regular white spots.

Cause Analysis: The cause of this failure is: photosensitive drum on the photoptic layer peeling, scratch, the development bias too high or ink powder contains impurities, charging voltage is too high, the spark, breakdown or half breakdown of the photoconductor drum.

Overhaul process and elimination method: After the above reasons for the gradual examination, found that the photosensitive layer peeling off, causing the failure occurred. Replace the new Photoconductor drum after the test machine, troubleshooting.

Instance five, HP laser Printer printer error

Symptom: As a network printer, but when printing, the printed document is not complete, sometimes even the first page can not be fully printed.

Cause Analysis: One of the causes of this failure is computer poisoning, the second is not enough printer memory, the third is the problem of printing settings.

Overhaul process and elimination method: check the network all normal, anti-virus is invalid. Then click on the printer "properties" to find the print memory one, the memory added to the 10MB after the test machine, the fault is still. Check that the CMOS settings on the computer where the printer is installed are normal. Further check that the failure is due to a resolution setting error. Select Custom in the print quality setting, click the "Details" button next to enter the "Print Quality Details" window, the resolution from 1200dpi to 600dpi, and then to all networked computers on the printer's properties are the same set test machine, troubleshooting.

Instance VI, HP laser Printer preparation process failed

Symptom: The warm-up display LED is on and off, causing the printer preparation process to fail and the machine is completely unable to work.

Cause Analysis: The causes of the above failures are mainly as follows: Thermal switch damage, fixing the filament opening of the lamp, fixing lamp and lamp door contact is bad, the thermistor and fixing rollers between the foreign body.

Overhaul process and exclusion method: The machine heat-sensitive switch when cooling is connected state, to ensure that the laser printer preheating fixing temperature to reach the rated temperature value, when the fuser temperature exceeds 160 ℃, the thermal switch is disconnected to ensure the fixing temperature constant; When the fuser temperature is less than 160 ℃, the heat-sensitive switch is connected, So loop work in turn. After inspection, found that the heat-sensitive switch has been damaged. Replace with the same type of heat-sensitive switch after the test machine, troubleshooting.

may feel that the foundation is not high, so the master did not teach more, here also and you temporarily share here. Later, there will be more technical experience, collated and then shared with you.

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