The test of rqnoj343 mty

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Ah! After several setbacks. Mty finally found his idol. He is ... fyc!

But fyc such a senior person does not like a person always haunt him. So he had a problem to test mty.fyc have a few men: Chen Letian, shu step chicken, Wei Hu ... Now FYC is going to fight with others and need to set up a value army. Soldiers of the army were chosen by FYC's men.

In order to form an army, the compulsory meeting of each person in the army has a direct or indirect relationship of friendship.

So mty now needs to form a troop of the largest number of people to meet the above situation.

Problem Size:

For 100% of data, 1<=n<=1000,1<=m<=500.

Input format first line, two number, n,m. (n means that FYC has several men m indicating that there is M-to-friend relationship).

M-line, two numbers per line. x[i],y[i]. The person who is numbered X[i],y[i] is a friend.

The output format is a number that represents the largest number of troops in the army.

Sample input

5 3
1 2
2 3
3 4

Sample output

Description: 1,2,3,4 can form the army all the time.

#include <iostream>#include<cstdio>#include<string>#include<cstring>#include<algorithm>using namespacestd;Const intMAXN =1050;intn,m;intF[MAXN],SZ[MAXN];intFINDF (intx) {    returnx = = F[x]? X:F[X] =findf (f[x]);}intMain () {CIN>>n>>m;  for(inti =1; I <= n;i++) {F[i]=i; Sz[i]=1; }    intX,y,fx,fy;  for(inti =1; I <= m;i++) {scanf ("%d%d",&x,&y); FX=findf (x); FY=findf (y); if(FX = = FY)Continue;//Notice        if(Sz[fx] >Sz[fy]) swap (FX,FY); SZ[FY]+=SZ[FX]; F[FX]=fy; }    intAns =0;  for(inti =1; I <= n;i++){        if(Ans < sz[i]) ans =Sz[i]; } cout<<ans; return 0;} #include<iostream>using namespacestd;intfather[1001];intFindintx) {    if(X!=father[x]) father[x]=find (father[x]); returnfather[x];}voidUnintFintz) {Father[z]=F;}intMain () {inta[1001]={0}; intans=0; intn,m; intx, y; CIN>>n>>m;  for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) {Father[i]=i; }     for(intI=1; i<=m;i++) {cin>>x>>y;    Un (find (x), find (y)); }     for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) {a[find (i)]++; Ans=Max (A[find (i)],ans); } cout<<ans; //System ("pause");    return 0;}

The test of rqnoj343 mty

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