The theft of genetically modified corn seeds caused a Sino-US agricultural Lawsuit

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The theft of genetically modified corn seeds caused a Sino-US agricultural Lawsuit

See the following photos:

This photo shows the children with GM corn. The transgenic corn grains are full, and the children's little hands almost cannot catch it (because the corn rod is very thick ). The majority of farmers like this type of Insect-resistant, drug-resistant, and high-yield crops. No matter which country the farmers are, China cannot be an exception.

In September 25, 2009, US President Barack Obama appointed Mr. Nicolas klinefeldt as the chief prosecutor of the Iowa State. On June 23, May 2011, a Chinese gang reported to him about the attempt to steal GM corn technology, attracting his attention. He accepted the case.

After a year and a half of thorough reconnaissance, the FBI has used various monitoring methods (including various high-tech monitoring methods, such as GPS tracking and phone eavesdropping ), obtain a large amount of factual evidence. On December 19, 2013, he submitted an indictment (21 pages) to the Iowa State court ). At the same time, the US authorities arrested a key member of the theft gang. In July 2, 2014, the US authorities arrested the leader of the theft gang at the Los Angeles Airport.

In fact, the gang was very stupid at stealing the secret technology of GM corn. They first spent $0.6 million to purchase 40 hectares of land, and then bought common corn seeds from the U.S. domestic market, carefully picking out GM corn seeds (a total of 113 kilograms ), package via FedEx, via Hong Kong, and mail back to China. In this regard, the U. S. FBI is clear.

Note: according to relevant experts, the R & D cost of developing and mastering the core technology of transgenic corn is about 3000 to 40 million US dollars, and the R & D time is 5 to 8 years. The gang has suffered a huge loss of honor for our country due to the theft of GM corn technology. Who are the theft gangs? Their names are not worth mentioning here.

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