The theme of Zblog blog using SQL server2012 database usage experience

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Contact Zblog has been for many years, the beginning is concerned about the Moonlight blog, his share of the spirit and the quality of the blog is very friendly, so also like the Zblog this set of procedures, from the beginning of the novice to the current skilled master is also after the sad, but after all, I am not a professional, So for a lot of technical problems are still only know fur, do not understand the deep technology.
Today, we share the focus on the use of SQL SERVER2012 database, we know that the Access database because the ability to process data is not strong enough, in terms of efficiency is very limited, so forced, let me think about the issue of database replacement.
Related data: Domain name is a Zblog build blog ( 读后感http://www.simayi.net读书笔记), the ASP program +ms-sql database, belongs to the Education class study site.
Let's share some of the steps and considerations for upgrading from Access to a SQL server2012 database:
1, back up the database, before upgrading the conversion, must pay attention to protect their own data, this is the most important, in case of operational errors, there are opportunities to restore.
2, install SQL server2012 on the server, the installation process is generally not smooth sailing, we can refer to some of the network of tutorials, here will not be repeated.
3, import the Access database into SQL server2012, the import process is also relatively simple, that is, after establishing the database and user name in Ms-sql, click the database-right-task-import the database.

In particular, it is important to note that there are 2 items to check, otherwise it will go wrong.
4. Important technical issues: note here that the Access database is imported into SQL server2012 and does not convert the self-increment field, so it needs to be resolved manually, set the first field in each data table that is imported to--the identity specification--yes, Set the self-increment and identity seed values to 1 so that you can achieve the goal. (This step is very important, most people will make a mistake!) )
5, back up the new database, the time to pay attention to a problem: you choose a full or differential backup, this is very important. I suggest that the amount of data is not very large, the use of the full backup-option to overwrite the current backup, and to set a unique path to remove the extra path, which involves the issue of media set. Otherwise, there will be multiple media incomplete when restoring, then the trouble is that the restore may fail unless you find all the backup sets.

The theme of Zblog blog using SQL server2012 database usage experience

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