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The specific collocation techniques are as follows:

Depending on Shang think a good design works, color accounted for about 70%, the other 30% or so to the layout, text design, graphics processing and so on.

  Color is an important indicator to distinguish outdated and fashionable designs.

You may notice that the first seven or eight years ago, a variety of posters, inkjet, web site, if someone has come up with this design to complete the task, it is estimated that everyone will say that rubbish. Although design is a kind of advanced and aesthetic combination of mental work, but it and people's life is very close, with the design of more and more high, people are gradually spoiled, aesthetic ability is more and more strong, more and more picky, and people judge the first standard is the first to her feeling, plainly is the color collocation. You can't use those things seven or eight years ago to fool people, you have to keep up with the international pace of design. But one thing to remind you is not to be overly stylish and not to perform the most essential things.

Look at the picture below, basically is a color of things, that is a good design can be seen at a glance.

The color collocation follows the basic rules of design

Do design friends should know that good design must be compared. Meaning, whether in the overall composition, color collocation, the arrangement of elements, there must be contrast, there is no comparison there is no design, there is no contrast can not highlight the point, there is no beauty without contrast.

The color collocation also should follow the principle of contrast. Generally speaking, color from the purity, lightness, hue on the contrast, light and shade contrast, deep contrast, warm and cold contrast. The contrast of color can easily excite the visual impact. The color contrast principle is also a foil from another level. In order for the design to better express the theme, people often need to use a lot of relevant elements to foil the theme. This principle is a common principle. Not only graphic design, post-production, film and television production, music and many other art forms are such.

  Third, the graphic design of the need for some of the experience and laws of color

 Experience One: The golden rule of color 6:3:1

As I mentioned in the previous article, color matching needs to be contrasted. Where does this contrast come from, the formal 6:3:1 law makes it a reality. Generally speaking, a qualified design needs to have 60% main color, 30% auxiliary color, plus 10% embellishment color, the so-called finishing touch, this 10% is to activate the screen, improve the design level. You may all have feelings, see a design work, we first generally have a color feeling, he is probably what color, popular point, it is warm color, or cold color, this color is what we say 60% of the main color, it may be used to render the picture atmosphere; the other 30% is for the balance of the picture, is to foil the main color and life. As for that 10% just also have elaborated, the design cannot be inflexible, sometimes need a little clever.

  Experience Two: Don't forget Black

Most people have a certain sense of fear of black, because black is no hue, will think that Black will make the picture become lifeless. On the contrary, sometimes with a little bit of black, it will make the picture appear concise, exquisite feeling, even spirituality.

 Experience Four: Extract color from nature

For people, living on the earth, like to see the scenery, like to see the building, people's eyes are always easy to get used to something beautiful, or something that makes people drool. From these natural things to extract color, will make your design more affinity, will make people's eyes more comfortable, let people feel more beautiful power.

  Experience Five: The contrast of color

Different color contrast, give people different emotional response. Why formal occasions, usually black suits, white shirts? Why is the warm bedroom always with very tonal, very close to the color of the Ming degree? Color contrast is closely related to color psychology. How your design is to tell a very formal thing, then use strong contrast, strong contrast to mention people's concentration and tension; If you want to be relaxed and casual, use weak contrast, weak contrast to make people soothing and enjoyable. It must have been found in the interior decoration application is very extensive.

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