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Recently, I've seen Jay's vote in the best of my years (someone must have used the voting machine to squeeze Jay down).

So I'm going to write an automatic voting machine to realize the following ideas

1 View the voting source code to see what data will be submitted to the Web server using post or get when submitting to Jay vote, note

2 Create a WebClient class that sets the HTTP header and post data

3 after I learned in the great Google search Winnt OS has a rasdial command that can be dialed automatically,
Dialing: rasdial "ADSL connection Name" "username" "Password"
Disconnect: Rasdial/disconnect

4 Write a class, contains two methods, a method used to dial, one to disconnect (can be called by the Process Class command console cmd.exe and then add parameters/C rasdial "ADSL Connection Name" "" "Username" "Password" to dial, then cmd/c rasdial/ Disconnect disconnected)

OK main program should be as follows

Adslconnectclass.start ();
Sleep (3000);
WebClient submit post;
Sleep (3000);
Adslconnectclass.stop ();
Sleep (1000);

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