The third self-study summary--time management and learning knowledge

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In Sunday, participated in the third self-examination, for time management and knowledge of learning and have more understanding. Sum up.


The first time to participate in self-test, I did not follow the teacher's request, did not do a good job of time management, no plan, not to read three times the book to do the problem. It was a week before the test, the results were good, enrolled in three lessons, after three lessons, but now let me think of what to learn, leaving little things.

The second time to participate in self-test, with the last "experience", but this is not so good results, signed up for three lessons, only a subject, in fact, after the examination, it felt bad, then the heart is still in comfort himself said: This time did not test well, when you give yourself a big lesson, next time must do a good job, Plan well.

The third time to participate in self-examination, that is, this time with the last lesson, in advance to develop a learning plan, in accordance with the requirements of the teacher said to do, do a good job of time management, plan, a day to see a tomato, drawing summary. The week before the exam, I did not like the original assault, just according to plan to take part of the time to review, so leisurely on the examination room. Now think about doing good time management really makes everything easy.

Learning Knowledge

The study of self-examination, the process of reading to their greatest help is to summarize and contact life.

Summary can be a summary of a book, can also be a summary of a chapter, but also can be a summary of knowledge points, I can now understand the summary, is to use a simple sentence, to summarize a knowledge point, when I see this sentence when I can see this knowledge point specific content, all think, this is a summary. Simple and concrete.

Contacting life is one of the most efficient ways to learn about yourself, such as the fifth chapter of software development tools: The tradeoff between acquiring software development tools and developing your own software development tools, including the steps involved in acquiring software development tools: 1. Clear purpose requirements, 2. Clear environment, conditions. 3. Market research. 4. Comparison. 5. Testing and inspection. 6. Formal contract Purchase. 7. Installation and trial. In fact, this step if the link to life, and go to the mall to buy clothes is the same step: 1. Want to buy what clothes. 2. Think about their own conditions, can not buy too thin, can not buy too expensive. 3. Start shopping. 4. Find a few suitable starting comparisons. 5. Try it on when you're better. 6. Try on the appropriate payment to buy. 7. After wearing, feel it, if you feel that it is not appropriate to return. See if it's the same as buying a software development tool and purchasing clothes.


Through this several times to learn from self-study, 1. From learning time management to practice time management, time management for me, the importance of giving me help, and have more understanding. 2. Learning ability Enhanced, good summary, contact life, not only can use in self-study, later computer learning, work, which is to improve their own quality of a learning method. 3. Self-taught is not difficult.

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