The thread monitoring tool that comes with the JDK JVISUALVM

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I. Java VisualVM Overview

It is too cumbersome to remotely monitor the JVM using the command line. Oracle provides a new visualization in jdk1.6. JVM monitoring Tool Java VisualVM. The Jvisualvm.exe is in the bin directory of the JDK.

When you double-click Start Java VisualVM, you can see the "local", "Remote", "snapshot" three items in the "Application" bar on the left side of the window.

"Local" shows the resource consumption of Java programs running on localhost, if a Java program is running, start Java VisualVM can see the corresponding program name, click on the program name to open the appropriate resource Monitoring menu, graphically list the program occupied by the CP Statistics for U, Heap, PermGen, class, Thread.

"Remote" entry for the resource usage of the Java program on the remote host, but need to run the JSTATD daemon on the remote host

JVISUALVM: Monitor memory leaks, track garbage collection, perform memory, CPU analysis, threading analysis ...

JVISUALVM has been integrated in more than jdk1.6 versions (not JRE). Requires a minimum jdk1.6 version for its own operation, but can monitor Java programs running on versions above jdk1.4

Jdk1.6update45 (Jdk1.6update45 comes with the JVISUALVM) to do the instructions, of course, you can also download separate JVISUALVM, after the normal installation of the JDK, to the JDK bin directory, run Jvisualvm.exe can

The JDK comes with a wired thread monitoring tool

Under the Java\jdk1.8.0_65\bin directory

Click Start

Run the program

Can see the running situation, the monitoring process of the summary, monitoring, threading and other information will be displayed in the form of images, it is more convenient to run the Java program analysis

Right-left column, running Java program, can execute dump, thread, dump heap operation and can take running program to snapshot reserve, and can set the dump file generated automatically when a memory overflow occurs.

Right-click "File" and "Add remote host" to monitor remote running Java programs

The menu bar, tool-and plug-in accessibility helps us to more carefully monitor and analyze Java programs, such as Visual GC, which can display real-time data from the Eden and survivor areas of the young generation

VISUALVM is a very useful Java monitoring Tool, the operation is very convenient

The thread monitoring tool that comes with the JDK JVISUALVM

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