The three anniversary of 51CTO Academy brings me to the glory of life

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the Riyuerusuo of the Flies. Blink of an eye 51CTO College immediately three anniversary, here I want to talk about my 51CTO College gave me the impression, help, influence!

——— Anonymous Sunny Day


Online Search information, a variety of websites / blogs, but no that site is specifically for the technology set up the site, here 51CTO did!

the usual online need to download data or software, in 51CTO download You do not have to consider whether the software hanging horse, and other sites, jump to jump, the last download or can not be used.

51CTO is a small white paradise for beginners; 51CTO is the platform for the discussion of each technology; 51CTO is your ability to show the stage;51CTO is your school of learning skills;51CTO It's a way for you to work in a social position.


in 51CTO I studied Linux,Python, and other courses, and never knew what Linux was , by 51CTO The Institute's insistence on learning, and the instructor's patience to teach, now I am already an intermediate Linux OPS engineer!

I learned through a period of time I mastered the operation of Basic Linux commands, the construction and configuration of various Linux services, such as: (ftp,LAMP,lnmp , lvs+keepalived), my salary from the original 4k, to the present 8k

Thanks to 51CTO Academy!

I'm taking part in the three anniversary of the 51CTO Academy, What I had to say at the Academy was the Harvest "essay activities, participate in the prize ~ You also come to see it ~ Anniversary more exciting activities please look forward to!

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The three anniversary of 51CTO Academy brings me to the glory of life

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