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In the site optimization to the webmaster hit the biggest is the site decline, and the second hit is to look at the site's collection of daily drops, more frightening is the site included a large reduction in the amount of a sudden. And the author unfortunately, also suffer from this situation. Comparatively speaking, the author's website collects the quantity to fall is has the reason, and also has found these reasons. Then for the site included in the amount of decline in fact is not a precursor to the right to drop, sometimes because the site is revised, resulting in the previous has been included in the invalid link, and the search is also rightly removed them from the database. So what is the main reason for the decrease in the amount of Web site included? Today, I have to talk about their own experience of the site included a rapid decline of several reasons.


Included in the rapid decline of the effect chart

  One, the website space is not stable


All the webmaster know, if the site can not open, that to the site caused by how much harm. On the content of the site can be included, the site is not open to explain the site space is not stable, and when the spider crawling to the site to find the site does not go in, so that spiders can not index crawl to get the content of the site, nature can not be included. And if the site is often not open, it will naturally make the site in search of the eyes left a bad impression. For example, the site in search for the big update is not open, and this time the search will be the database inside the information are updated again, some open links will be deleted, exactly your site at this time can not open, natural search will be indexed to your site's pages are deleted, This caused the site included a rapid decline in the reasons. So, the site included a rapid decline is a reason, and the first reason is the space, after all, space is carrying the site can be normal operation of the foundation, is also spiders can enter the site crawling the most critical platform.

  Second, the site outside the chain continued to decline

Outside the chain has been the impact of the site rankings and the amount of important factors, this is an indisputable fact. And the site included a rapid decline with the site outside the chain must have a relationship, the most direct impact may be because the quality of the chain is too low, can not improve the role of the collection. There is also a site outside the chain of the number of drops, which will also result in the site included down. Then we find in the cause of rapid decline, but also to consider the situation of the chain, and the author of the site is included in the decline, and the site outside the chain is a certain correlation. The author inquires about their own site outside the chain, as shown:


As shown on the diagram, we can see the site's Baidu chain is not in the steady rise, but in the continuous decline, I think this is also a site included in the rapid decline of one of the reasons, after all, the chain is equivalent to the spider into the portal, and these entrances reduced, natural spiders crawl channel reduced, And this may cause some pages of the site can not be included even when the previous included also will be deleted. Therefore, the inclusion of rapid decline, the webmaster in the search for reasons to the external chain to take into account the rise and fall.

 Third, the website revision processing is not complete

Which is the most able to make the site included in the rapid decline? The answer is of course, after the revision did not do a good job in time 301 redirect and 404 page Guide. For the rapid decline in the site, in fact, the biggest reason is the site revision caused. As the author of the site, the previous two situations are still in the case of the site revision, and the revision process did not do a good job of 404 page Guide, and previously included pages have become invalid links, nature will be deleted. such as the author of the website in yesterday's revision, although the site is still included after the revision, but before the included pages have been deleted, such as the author of their own site to query the snapshot when the error message occurred.


Through the picture can see the site because the revision is not complete, let the spider crawling when the wrong information, such a spider will be the site as a garbage station, natural previously included will be deleted. So, the revision is also the site included a rapid decline in one of the reasons. And if the revision experience of the longer time spent on the site, the impact is greater, especially the previous daily collection of stable web site is so.

In response to the rapid decline of the event, the author summed up a few from the thought of more useful experience, a revision time must be short to prevent spiders crawling when the incomplete information included. Two space to be stable. Three outside the chain will also affect the site included in the Take-off and landing. In a word, webmaster in the site for the rapid decline, the first to calm analysis, careful to find the reason, this is the root of the rapid solution to the problem, rather than a fall on the forum to complain about such, I think not necessary. This article is about here, by halitosis eat what medicine original experience feeds, A5 start, reprint please specify, thank you!

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