The time of the scientific schedule

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after 7:21 , get up and drink a glass of water. 7:30―8:00: Brush your teeth before breakfast. After brushing your teeth, you can apply a layer of fluorine-containing protective layer to the outside of your teeth. You must brush your teeth immediately after getting up. 8:00―8:30: Have breakfast. Breakfast must be eaten 8:30―9:00: avoid exercise. Researchers from the University of Blois have found that athletes who exercise in the morning are more likely to get sick 9:30: Start the hardest job of the day. 10:30: Let the eyes rest for 3 minutes every hour of work. 11:00: Have some fruit. 13:00: Add some beans and vegetables. 14:30―15:30: Lunch break for a little while. People who have been at least 3 times a week at noon for 30 minutes or more per day will have a 37% chance of dying from heart disease. 16:00: Drink a cup of yogurt. Drinking some sour milk between meals every day is good for heart health. 17:00―19:00: Exercise your body. According to the body's internal clock, this time is the best time to exercise. 19:30: Eat less for dinner. You should eat more vegetables and eat slowly. 21:45: Watch TV relax, don't lie in bed watching TV, affect the quality of sleep. 23:00: Take a hot bath. "Proper lowering of body temperature helps to relax and sleep. "23:30: Go to bed." If you get up at 7 o ' clock in the morning and fall asleep at 30, you will be guaranteed 8 hours of sleep.

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The time of the scientific schedule

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