The top 10 most popular website development technologies

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1. Framework knowledge (architecture knowledge)

Architecture is an important part of large-scale website development. Developers have already benefited from website architecture tools provided by companies such as Rails and Django, because architecture tools can help with repetitive tasks that require certain programming knowledge. If you have advanced architecture technologies (such as Rails, Django, CakePHP, and Symfony), you will have a wide range of options.

2. Widget Development (Form Widget Development)

The form widget (Widgets) is a mini application embedded in a Web page. It can also be downloaded to a Windows or Mac desktop for running. It makes data more portable and interactive. Well-known ones include Yahoo Widgets and AOL Music Widgets. In addition to the language knowledge required for network application development, the development of form widgets must be proficient in Javascript and Flash.

3. Custom CMS themes (Content Management system theme customization)

Nowadays, more and more people are using CMS (content management systems such as Wordpress and Drupal) to build their websites. As you can imagine, it is impossible for everyone to use the default themes provided by CMS. In order to make their CMS websites stand out in their designs, some technical staff dedicated to CMS development themes are needed.

4. CMS Customizations and plugin development (Content Management System customization and plug-in development)

Similarly, with the popularity of CMS, the demand for CMS function customization and plug-in development is also growing.

5. PSD to XHTML services (PSD to convert XHTML services)

In website construction, many companies first use Photoshop to design the original website appearance and convert it to XHTML. This requires strong CSS/HTML knowledge.

6. Javascript Plugin creation (Javascript plug-in development)

The Javascript Framework is very popular because it makes Javascript code development easy. For example, if you develop excellent plug-ins Based on the popular Javascript Framework-jQuery, your plug-ins will also become popular.

7. Facebook/MySpace applications (Facebook/MySpace Application Development)

Facebook and MySpace are two social networking sites in the United States. To develop applications for them, it must be quite popular.

8. iPhoneapplications (iPhone application development)

The development of applications for the iPhone has always been able to be downloaded in large quantities, so it is also very profitable.

9. E-commerce integration)

Today, e-commerce websites (like Ebay and Amazon) are increasingly working closely with online banking systems (like Paypal and Google Checkout, therefore, the development of e-commerce transaction platforms is quite promising.

10. Flash and Actionscript Knowledge (Knowledge about Flash and Actionscript)

More and more companies use Flash to make their own websites and present their products, because exquisite animations are always easy to attract people's attention. Therefore, Flash animation technology will inevitably develop rapidly.


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