The training experience of non-human resource managers should be customized.

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Lead: Non-human resource managers should have human resources
Training Day: 20080301
Training Subject:
1) Establish a human-based zookeeper Lattice
2) Target Users
3) do the right thing
4) current HR issues
Grant Value Management: Yao Yanhong

Personal Training experience is as follows:

1. Change yourself first if you want to change others
Rename and change: Manage-> Manage Users-> sumoto (yourself)
Talent> talent (region value)
Pay attention to your personal opinions when you listen more or speak less.
Mind shadows: Build confidence/self-confidence/hard work
Success stories: enable members to complete their work with great intentions and enjoy a sense of accomplishment/improvement in their abilities.
The reason for employee turnover is most directly related to the supervisor's ability to renew the employee.
Suru/zhuyun: Improve Your competitiveness. Start from me and start from now;
Only by yourself/your supervisor can you start to demonstrate the effect, improve your competitiveness, and enable all the members to become marketing members.

2. Capability vs Italian
Competence/willingness to handle four standards and think about how talents can improve their abilities;
Overall goal: work interests/industry development plans/salary and benefits (What do you want? Most important)
-> Relationship between employing and retaining talents)
Capability Improvement: Training/evaluation of professional skills and acceptance of case studies
-> First improve the capability to solve problems
-> The capability has reached a certain level, so you can spend more time thinking about problems.
-> Finally, you can find problems on your own.

3. Use people to do things
First, it is not necessarily the best to use the right (positive) person/person who chooses the right combination;
Secondly, it is necessary to confirm that the right (positive) thing is feasible;
The last thing is to confirm the importance of doing things;

By foreveryday007 20080311.
The universe is as big as the heart.

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