The two sessions survey: Nearly 80% netizens think that the current social security contribution rate is too high

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Today, watch the news, record it and hope to let go of second child policy.

People's Daily Beijing, February 27 (reporter Jia Yue) January 26, 2015 People's Daily survey on the line, on the public concern about 16 hot issues to launch an online survey. This is the 14th consecutive year that the net has launched a survey. As of now, the "Social Security" ranking is ranked 10 in the list of concerns.

Over 40% netizens focus on "full release second child"

From the survey results, the most dissatisfied social security areas are: fertility (33.24%), pension (26.55%), Medical (21.51%), Housing (8.31%), unemployment (4.65%), labor (3.34%) and special care placement (2.37%).

In the "most concerned about the reform or adjustment" of the survey, 43.94% of users choose to "fully open second child", 24.78% of users choose "Pension", 8.45% of users choose "health insurance off-site direct settlement Program", 7.67% of users choose "Social security contribution rate adjustment", there are 7.46 % of users choose the "Basic Endowment insurance system for urban and rural residents", 7.1% of users choose "delayed retirement scheme".

Many netizens in the message suggested that the real concern about the population situation, China's aging highlights, should be released as soon as possible second child. So far, the whole country has been releasing the "Alone Two child" policy has been full year. Some experts believe that, from the current situation of social development and demographic trends in China, only the release of "Alone two children" fertility in the promotion of long-term balanced development of the results are very little, it is recommended that the age group gradually released second child fertility, with about five years time transition to the full release of second child fertility.

Procedures to support the liberalisation of the second child policy apes, top up!

The two sessions survey: Nearly 80% netizens think that the current social security contribution rate is too high

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