The type "××" exists in "××" at the same time.

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Due to redo of the system, the development configuration of the machine is not installed. After the installation is complete, run the original project and find this problem: "type" ×× "exists in" ×× "at the same time. I have encountered it before and found the answer online. But this time I met it again, I forgot how to do it. After searching for the cause for half a day, the files in Windows assembly are deleted, and the files in c: \ windows \ Microsoft. net \ framework \ version \ temporary ASP.. Net files \ files. The bin folder files in the project are also manually deleted, but the problem persists. Delete the reference in config. The error has changed and the reference is not found. Then, rereference and solve the problem.

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The key point is to delete the reference in config.

When re-referencing, the major referenced version must be the same as the control version used first.

Cause of error: the reference of different versions is referenced in the same namespace, resulting in compatibility problems.

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