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Masks in the PS of the application is quite extensive, the mask is the biggest feature can be repeatedly modified, but it will not affect the layer of any structure. If the mask adjusts the image is not satisfied, you can remove the mask original image and reappear. It's a very magical tool.

  We usually say that the mask, in fact, there are several masks, here are four kinds of: first, a quick mask; the second is a layer mask; three is a vector mask; four is a clipping mask.

  First, Quick mask:

I only use it to create a constituency, look at an example: a lot of grinding in the course of the requirements of the MM facial features to stay out, only to wear facial skin, I use this quick mask. Where is it? Here, press Q is OK.

Below we use it to select the facial skin of MM, point that button, select the brush, the foreground color is black, besmear you want to grind part, tu boundary with white brush tu come back, is it very convenient to go back and forth besmear?

Why is it red? Red is right, the default is red. The following point to create a quick mask to the left of the button, exit the quick mask, press Q is OK.

See the constituency, don't worry, mask mask, just the red part is blindfolded, not we want, the reverse election on the line Bai! Copy and see the effect.

At this time to your play, not just used the brush, then the function of the brush can be used here, not the boundary blunt, that we use soft pen, but also with different transparency, you can even use a variety of pattern pen brush out a variety of patterns, but also feather ah, in short you must do better than mine.

  Second, layer mask:

Layer masks are the most commonly used tools we draw, usually called masks are also refers to the layer mask (this section of the mask refers to the layer mask). You can say that, if you don't know the mask, you don't say you've moved to the threshold of Ps.

Why the beginning of the first reference to ridicule experts, I just contact the mask when it is to see such a tutorial, explain the layer mask, he does not teach you to use the brush, but let you use the gradient, my mother! The mask has not yet understood, and a more gradual gradient, today we start from the most rookie understanding.

A netizen said that the mask is like an eraser, I start from its like rubber place to talk about.

  One, the mask is rubber?

First come to know it, first build a look: In order to see the effect, we open a landscape and a mm,mm on, the landscape in the next, to the MM layer to add a mask:

The point arrow refers to the button, in the MM layer appears a mask icon, and this icon is displayed edited state, now the operation is in the mask on. Category:

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