The type of the codeigniter XMLRPC class during data exchange

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Introduction: This is a detailed page about the type of the codeigniter XMLRPC class during data exchange. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code.

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When using the XMLRPC class of codeigniter for Client/Server Request Response, the client needs to send request parameters to the server. After receiving the parameters, the server performs parameter analysis, after splitting parameters, assign them to the correct method for processing. After processing, report a response to the client.

The request sent by the client is similar to this

$ Request = array ('parameters00', 'parameters01 ');

In client requests, you can specify the parameter data type. You can separate each parameter into an array and specify the parameter data type in the second position of the array, similar

$ Request = array (Array ('parameters00', 'string'), array ('parameters01 ', 'boolean'), array ('parameters02', 'struct '), array ('parameters03', 'int '),);

The response returned by the server has a hard requirement. The array must be formatted and there must be only one primary array in the response array, like this:

$ Response = array (Array (parameters00 => array ('para00', 'string'), parameters01 => array ('para01', 'struct '), parameters02 => array ('para02', 'boolean'),), 'struct ');

If you want to use the joined array, pay attention to the problem of specifying the type of the joined array, such:

$ Request = array (Array ('parameters00' => array (Array ('paraoo' => 'value'), 'struct '), 'parameters01' => array ('para01', 'string'),), 'struct ');

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