The uncle teaches you to upgrade the old old-school upgrade experience detailed

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First say what is the old quarter. Play Shenwu a bit of history people should understand, Shenwu 3 kinds of zones: Old area, new district, test area. The new district should be clear at a glance, not much. Here we explain the test area first. Test area, is designed to test the game new design and detection of game bugs (that is, program vulnerabilities) of the server, in order to save game development costs and interactive promotion considerations, the vast majority of test areas are open to the public, while the General Service-the game function.

This shows that the test area is heavier than the burden, it is not difficult to understand why the test area is sometimes logged in queue, network delay and other phenomena. Many players do not know Shenwu test area, in fact, very simple! Every Friday morning is a service. Update maintenance time, everyone in the game after entering the game, the interface to the left there is an activity refresh, when the trial of new content will be detailed in which several server testing, those servers is the test area. In addition to the test area and the new district, the rest is the old area (Ghost Zone is the nickname of the player).

Next is the text, how to practice the old quarter novice!

First, how to choose the old quarter?

In the first 2, the uncle has said, if the novice in the old area can not find a high-level with a copy and plot, two weeks time not 80, sorry, the area for the Ghost Zone, decisive change zone! To determine whether an old area is a ghost zone, not to see how many senior players in the area, service team rankings, should be combined with the development of players, first look at the high level with low-level weekly plot, brush copy of the quality.

If your world cries for more than half a day to help Monkey 2 (do not shout in the activity time and the big night, otherwise all thought is the cat Jiaochun--!) ), can not find a person with a copy of 100 or less, especially 50-70 copies of no high-grade belt, then the area is likely to be on the Fit list.

  Second, choose a good area, what should new people pay attention to?

1, accumulated resources! Regardless of the level 1 or 140, regardless of card level charge not charge gold, some items, is always a sought after resources. The old saying is good: The book to Time to hate less, things do not know hard. Usually do not feel in the way, sold, and so on when the emergency can only ages, Mahle Gobi, you say blame who?

Therefore, the high wall, the broad accumulation of grain, slow the king is the mainstream. Accumulated resources are as follows: Also Yishouhuantong, shenwu coins, strengthening materials (naïve show day fine Yuet Yue), equipment required gems, baby's high-level equipment (the Horn of the Beast, Xuanwu Armor, Sun Amulet, nanming away from fire, absolute field, Galaxy Plus), reputation, a little more expensive 3 medicine (this needless to say), Longevity noodles and pearl meatballs (how much storage), other cooking each save a group (5), all kinds of wine and so on. If not put, can open two warehouses small storage.

2, adhere to do daily! Which tasks are daily tasks: 20 times Division door, 3 Heaven-Sent treasure chest, 3 times flag task, the world answer, digging treasure 10 times (that is, 10 treasure map), proud to bless, 80 after the experience with the character of the daily exchange of 500 points of cultivation experience and open 10 cultivation treasure chest, lucky turn music and Lucky draw. Here, someone would suggest that the treasure map once enough to play 30 not good? Uncle gave you the answer is: it is best to 10 a day, the specific reasons will be discussed in the experience of the tips post.

And for 7 days a week, every day is an activity, the uncle's suggestion is to participate in the best to participate, especially in Saturday night of the big noisy heavenly Palace to participate as far as possible, because some activities of points can be exchanged for children Dan. In addition, the lucky draw in the treasure fragments, the uncle asked (note here is the request, not recommended) you used to redeem Dan, 5 pieces for 20 also Dan, the most secure cost!

3, to develop some habits: such as every holiday gift must lead, daily Online once, 28 copies of the week and 70 Zhang Baotu must be completed, nothing to go to the temple release 65-level carrying baby plus merits (especially to release the low-level mutation pet), do not embrace the mentality of the upstart to dig landscapes, Usually in the gang channel more and everyone talk (wretched not dirty little fart child very popular), gang bandits to rob Group of people brush, leisure bored do gang task and so on. Remember not to install B or violent temper, let's not cheat behavior! Don't trust other people to add or line up. Easy, their own number to play, or it will be too late to cry!

Third, the new upgrade route

Uncle does not recommend you card level, because the more to the advanced benefit more, card level really wasted, the intention card-level children this paragraph can not see. This paragraph has been researched and practiced by many people and is interested in trying to verify. But please note that one step wrong, step by step wrong, after the correction is very sad.

Level 1 start Qinghe point bubble on 10 level, then apprentice, do division door, point division door skills. Note here, the skill of the point division door to Trade Center point!! Pre-division skills than you in the master that cheap a lot of credibility!

Level 11 Choose a cozy gang to be an apprentice. How to choose a gang? Do not look at the gang advanced more than a few, to see the help of these high-level is amiable, is willing to help people teach people! Veteran have experience: a help of the main vice master what bird-like, management layer on what kind of bird, and this help most of the senior also follow a bird like! And if the master lead, high-level peacetime nothing on the fart talk, joking, then congratulations, go in!

After the Apprentice, call for help with the plot! If you have experience, don't idle, upgrade Ah! All the way up the way, to keep the skills of the door! Nothing brush down to help tribute, and then in the gang welfare chief to buy 20 back to help, find him a little body, not travel, should be on 60! Then apprenticeship, don't ask the box, not to you! After the 60 and 65 plot priority in the help shout advanced to take you to brush 50 and 60 copies.

A copy of the most 7 times a day, can play the best two days! As long as the skills and physical ability to keep up with the experience you give me do not stop, L is (master door skills over their level 5, auxiliary skills over 10), here notice, don't worry about the baby! 65 level catch only ordinary dragon girl, casually use the baby's low-level equipment, play this low-level battle taking, full of dots on it. The copy obtains the thing, can sell then sells, even is the Gao Bizhen God Beast Spirit! Get Jinxiangdan fruit, put warehouse storage 10 is enough, more to get proud to go to the foot of the goods sold credibility. Daily and copy done, if bored to go to the fairy to find the Xuan practice, one day 100 ring training task day after the day, do not finish on it!

Gangs Monday from 11 o'clock to Sunday 24 o'clock, can be at the gang welfare manager with 150 points to help exchange benefits (including character experience and cultivation experience, reputation). Sunday 10 o'clock in the evening, point Welfare chief's gang gift, because may brush 1-3 grade gem, with help tribute collect, remember to rob (30 seconds will be robbed), no brush words with gang money about!

Do the treasure chest to get the files, every day to the gang Xuanwu Hall. Brush help Tribute to what task is good, is not to pick up the Finch Hall mission, it is in the war, you will be killed! In addition, upgrade at any time to keep changing equipment, not the same level of equipment to use the highest level of equipment wearing! (The first week of the past)

Level 70 should appear upgrade experience is not enough, not urgent, slowly brush copy to do Daily is, up to a week on the 80. Experience enough directly on the 80, preferably a direct flight 85, a bit of skill. The first card level and the first time with a little baby Dan's time arrived! Wash only Wolverine (not necessarily mutated), to determine the standard can be taken as follows: attack qualification reached or more than 1500! Wash well on the low-level battle taking, by feeding fertilizer fill all the qualifications, full add, if Wolverine battle taking and advanced combo are in, and so it has 3 skills to look at the warehouse there is no blood-sucking starlight or Moonlight amulet, to it, no not reluctant.

  Note here:

1, level 85 beginning to point full of all auxiliary skills; 2, the plot skills suggested first point 2 grade fairy Door Shop, point after the point 5 congratulations on the rich, the third to consider the vagaries of the point!! Remember to congratulate the rich skills set to the right shortcut, you get a set, or you will regret the door! 3, two single-Skill starlight, Moonlight Amulet can be taken to synthesize, there may be two skills on the deposit, if not battle taking or blood-sucking single-skill low-level amulet, not synthesized to get the palace door to find General Lee donated! 4, 85-level card-level task requirements: The teacher door and auxiliary skills are full, 7 full full of cultivation, office from four, the memory of the experience of the people 20 million, the credibility of 20 million or so!

85 levels of card-level tasks completed, direct flight 95, level 95 is your second card-level segment! After finishing the skill, the first thing is not to change equipment, is to wash a Death knight with (change does not matter)!

Judging the standard of washing: The attack qualification is above 1540, the speed qualification is above 1400, the skill must have a sacrifice. Note here, if washed out, first buy this low-level blood to it smashed, the top off his skills on the re-washing, blood and sacrifice not coexistence of ordinary 47 don't take! If 47 of the blood and die coexistence, and more than a ghost skills, the use of low-level battle taking try to top the ghost, sacrifice to be the top of the wash, and then the top of the blood sucking blood, the top book is random, and high or low-level beast has nothing to do!

In this case, 47 of the 4 skills have a greater chance of battle taking ghosts. In summary, can take the ordinary 47 must be more than 1540 of the attack qualification, sacrifice blood without ghosts, and then according to the actual situation to find ways to add a low-level battle taking skills (can be used battle taking of the low-level amulet)! You have to understand one thing, when the first 47 came out, how excited we are, this is the moon Black high dagujieshe of the necessary companion, now is also your excessive period of must bring pets!

In addition, brush 90 copies, there are two lines, prestige are up to 1000 points can be used to buy ROM after the credibility of the equipment, so cheap, exchange two pieces of equipment, find a copy of the old man buy a third, and then find caff under the cow Exchange Luo, this is your second excessive pet. Don't look at his property is not good drop, in fact, his balance and stability is very high, do not give him to play books! There is a low-blood-sucking amulet for him to use, save you a lot of tofu!

As for the equipment, all change 90 levels, in this proposal, not too demanding equipment, can use the line! The physics department looks at weapon damage, weapon rank multiplied by 6+20 to calculate. 90 plot now simple, suggest best to find gangs, generally is to see help tribute. After the plot is over, the plot skill is unpredictable, the point is full, if there are more points Dan Yuan Ji! 95-level card-level task requirements: Teacher Door Assistant skills and cultivation level full, reputation 30 million, the best in the office from more than three, people experience 50 million! By the way, now you can do nothing. On the drug, 105-level drug 3 of the risk of high-value drugs are more likely!

95 level after the flight 105, into the last card-level stage! A flamingo, a raccoon, and nine birds are all allowed! If you are strong and patient, do not wash the 105-level variant pet! Ordinary pets, the quality of the better can be with the practice level! If you want to mutate, there is an ultimate weapon at level 105, mutated Jiutouniao. Due to the 5 skill probability is too small, out of variance, recommended first comprehensive comparison of growth and qualification, physical pet attack full qualification is 1625, the highest growth for the hearts, followed by purple, less than purple do not take (do not fight the baby topic, the next baby article will be analyzed).

For the equipment, or that sentence, can use the line. At this time can be on the stone, up to 5! After the more you have brush. Level 105 Stop level not many requirements, ibid., Office of the least from one.

It is worth reminding you that the two points are, 1, 100 copies inside shopping, each month will provide 3 pet wash dan for you to buy with the credibility, 560,001. Don't be reluctant! Buy back, no Ultimate weapon belt also give me in the warehouse!! You will understand the reason after it!! As for the other things, such as reinforcing materials, modifiers, building characters, and so on, not worth, ignore! 2, according to the experience of level 105, 90 and 100 copies of the weekly and the Treasure map, no accident at least to earn 130,000 Shenwu coins. (Card-level children do you still card level?) )

Level 105 After the 110 level, can be on the 115 best, not on the slow. At this time the most reasonable upgrade step is the level 5 to ascend, the reason is very simple, in order to improve cultivation and office. 110 level of cultivation is full of flying 115, point full of skills, credibility if there are 10 million, don't be afraid, point automatic upgrade!! Automatic upgrades can add a level to all your disciplines, and people experience more than 5 times times the upgrade experience before triggering an automatic upgrade. Starting from level 115, you let the system to help you automatically upgrade, you are only responsible for depositing Shenwu coins, practicing the baby, improve the experience of cultivation and office! It is best to reach the admiral before level 120.

As for equipment, the requirements can be improved by some, 3 words: easy to grow. Play out the equipment is not good, you can ask the help of the people and friends. You can make your own decisions when you're not on a full-length stone. Because the level 120 equipment can continue to play even after soaring, so the accumulated requirements for gems can be loosened!

Here to illustrate, the level 115 pet has a lot of variations worth washing. Personal preference for Moon Shadow Rabbit, Mutant Moon Rabbit is PK sharp weapon! As for lobsters, the odds of 5 or more 5 or more skills are relatively high, and PK is also a lot more! The newly-Hua is good, the current observation of the variation of the transformation of the Hubei-China physical situation is rather more. After 115 levels, 100 and 110 copies of the weekly and the treasure map, the instability is too high, less will give you 100,000 Shenwu, more up a week to earn 1.2 million! (The uncle has earned--!) )

The rest of the said, Shenwu is a down-to-earth game, the more senior the more understanding. Experience it slowly!

  Supplementary Note 3 points:

First, I said that the level 115 and then automatic upgrade, refers to the level 115 to fill all the cultivation, office to achieve at least from a product, body credibility at least 10 million after the automatic upgrade!

Second, consider the 110 level after your promotion maximum effectiveness, level 110 equipment can be serious dozen, but do not demand the best. After the equipment has been set, how many gems on the free. The output ensures that the damage is followed, and the auxiliary seal ensures speed and defense. As for the level 120 equipment, it can be gradually built after soaring.

Third, there is a lot of ashes after many tests after the experience to tell you! Aside from the increased cultivation of the office, the gap between the level 21 (i.e. level 120) and level 20 is obvious! The concrete formula does not say much, can be summarized as follows: 21 levels of the previous practice is to follow the square root of 2 to increase the attribute percentage, starting at level 21, the cultivation is to follow the root of 2 to promote the attribute percentage. Therefore, the early may not feel a lot of people, but the more to the later stage, the cultivation of the other side of the superiority of the higher level of the more obvious!

The uncle teaches you to upgrade the old old-school upgrade experience detailed

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