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The world is difficult to material, 30 years Hedong, 30 years of Hexi. Martial Arts in the seventh time after the mountain, small plum knife still cannot occupy a seat in the weapon spectrum, because since Li Yu Huan, insuring. and the sixth session changes little, but "airbrush tool" was "brush" door pie annexation, disappeared in the weapon spectrum. But this year's eye-catching is the addition of two nouveau riche weapons--they are "restore brush tools" and "patching tools", they are ugly, but they are very useful , there is a trend beyond the "seal-skin stamp tool".

Well, now the grand introduction of them, the first appearance is "Restore Brush tool", please support:

: Hello everyone, I am the "Restore brush tool", I specifically remove some of the finer points, so that they disappear into the surrounding image. Similar to the "rubber stamp" tool, you can draw the source image or pattern for tracing, but at this time, I have the mysterious magic, I have not only the source image or pattern of the texture/light/dark, but also can be handled very harmoniously. is a home travel/repair photos of the necessary good products.

: Listen to the above brother introduced so much, I am embarrassed, I actually and big brother almost. But my advantage is to be more efficient. I am patching the pixels of a selection with pixels or patterns from other regions. I also have the mysterious functions of Big Brother. But the eldest brother is also very powerful, you love who who.

"Restore Brush Tool" first of all.

The following mm chart, the face of the children who do not obey the child dirty, quite a bit Shang people, are trying to help her repair.

Wait for me to "restore the brush" to perform the restoration of the beautiful boxing bar. First select me in the Toolbox, then aim for a better target, hold down the ALT key while holding down the mouse, so that you can determine the source image, and then point at that black dot ah point yes dot ah point. Look at the demonstrations:

Very random operation Oh, you do not need too much trouble, wait for me to play my secret power on the line. You want to know how I work? You don't need it, x+y-z=0, can you count it? Do you have time to count? Do you eat eggs, but also can you care if the hens look beautiful? Well, gossip less, look at the results, I only fixed the top of the point, the following, and so you come to do, give you an opportunity to please mm.

I can't wait until I get it.

Who am I? Of course, is the "repair tool", I am famous for the limelight, more special is, I am impatient, I do not like the eldest brother upstairs, point Ah point ah point, you only need to select an area, the rest I will help you to fix.

Look at my performance, or the top of the picture bar, the rest of the black spot, waiting for me to destroy it. Let's take a look at my moves:

By default I select the "source" option, this word means "sources", the other one looks like "destination" is called "purpose", usually, choose "Source" and select "Destination" operation is the opposite. How to say, you see the following operation is clear.

1 First you can use the Lasso tool to check the area of the black spot (or you may use the "patching tool" to sketch the selection), then select Me in the Toolbox, which is the "patching tool", and then drag the selection to the destination, which depends on your judgment, preferably the same as the properties around the black dot (texture, shading, etc.). Remember, at this point, make sure that the Source is checked as described above.

Ladies and gentlemen, as simple as this, from the left to the right figure, the results came out:


2 Now try to choose the "destination" method of operation.

First, you have to choose an area that is going to patch the dots with pixels in this area. As shown in the following illustration:

Next, select the Patch tool in the Toolbox and check the "destination" option in the property bar. Then drag the selection to the black point.

Everyone, the results come out again, from the left figure to the right, the left is an intermediate process, Photoshop will automatically be processed into the right image. The effect is not satisfactory:



This year's Huashan competition to pause, two weapons performance can only be here, want to know more detailed, please think, or ask them in person. Another performance will lead to insufficient funds, because we are not responsible for accommodation

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