The usage and similarities and differences between Scanner and console

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All I know is that these two classes can be used to enter
Scanner s=new Scanner (;
String Txt1=s.nextline ();

Console c=new console ();
String Txt2=c.readline ();

And the console can be used to read the password, C.readword ()
The characters entered by scanner () are displayed. The scanner class operation is more than the console class

Both are to obtain user input content;
The first approach is to use the console class, which is accessed through system objects. The ReadLine () method of the console class gets input from the user command line and returns a string to the calling program. The advantage of using this method is that you don't need to import anything because the system class is part of the ubiquitous Java.lang package available. The disadvantage of using the console method is that it usually does not work in an IDE like Ecliple. Console can only ensure that you are working directly on the JVM running Java code, or you will be warned.

System.Console (). ReadLine ();//input, return a string

The second approach is to use the scanner class, which is in the package. Using the scanner class is usually a two-step process, although you can hide it and push it into a, long, strung way to invoke:

Scanner Scanner = new Scanner (;

String input = ();

/* or String input = (new Scanner ( Next ();

Unlike the console class, the scanner class works equally well with the command line and standard Ides, such as Eclipse.
What is the IDE.
IDE (integrated Development Environment), integrated development environment.

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