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1. Calculate the number of occurrences of a string in WPS

How do you count the number of times a string appears in the article in WPS? To do this: use the "Replace" dialog box, fill in the "Find what" and "Replace with" dialog box to enter the string to be counted, press the "all replace" command. After the command has been executed, WPS will pop up a dialog box prompting for XX to be replaced, XX is the number of times the string appears.

2, with the format brush multiple copies of the format

The general public has the habit of using the format brush: Select the format text you want to copy, click the Format Brush button, and then move the format brush cursor to the text position you want to format, press the left mouse button to drag the selected range, release the left button, realize the format of replication. To copy a format more than once, repeat the steps just a few times.

WPS text provides a way to copy the format multiple times: Select the format text you want to copy, double-click the Format Brush button, and then start copying formatting in the text, you will find that you can copy multiple locations now, after the format is copied, press ESC to exit the format brush.

3, print or preview multiple pages of the table to see the title of each page

Tables that have more than one page in WPS text might do this: Copy the title to the beginning of each page to make sure that the table for each page has a title. But if you add or delete the content of the article, it will cause the page to be paginated, and your previous copy of the title may run to another location on the page.

You can do this by selecting the subject line of the table and selecting the "header row repeat" option on the Table menu. When you preview or print a file, you'll notice that the table for each page has a title.

4, let the WPS paste operation to your understanding of the setting

If you often copy content from a Web page or other program window with many formats, but paste it into a Word document, you want to keep only the text in it, and discard other non text elements such as tables, graphs, and so on. You only need to make the following settings in WPS, that is, you can let them take the hint of your paste operation:

Go to the Text menu bar, set the default paste style to unformatted text under Tools/Options/edit/Cut and paste options.

5, prohibit the modification of documents

Often want to edit their own documents are not affected by others, you can use the "Protection document" function WPS, click on the menu bar "Tools"/"Protect the document", enter the set password, select the content to be protected, OK. Please remember the password so as not to forget the password delay work OH.

6, want to cancel the automatic numbering function in the text, press the shortcut key "Ctrl+z" to cancel the automatically added number, at the same time you can go to the toolbar "tools"/"Options"/"Edit", cancel the automatic numbering under the "type automatically apply automatically numbered list" before the tick.

7, you in the WPS text drawing function to draw a straight line, but it is too long to exceed, want to shorten, how to do?

Select the line and right-click Edit vertex to change the line length and rotation angle. You can also do more with edit vertices! You can add a vertex, and then try dragging the vertices, let the line become a polyline, and then smooth the vertices to make the polyline arc.

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