The use method of the border function of the cow image torn edge

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Believe that a lot of users can use cow images know that the cow image has a "tear edge border" function. However, many users may not be able to use, today, small make up to share with you can cow image edge border function use method, hope to be helpful to everyone.

One, more powerful border function "tear edge" "texture" easy to add

To run a cow image, click the "Open a Picture" button and open a photo as shown in Figure 01. We saw a new label "border" on the main interface of the cow image, and when we clicked on the label, we could see the four border types of "easy border", "Border Edge", "text border", "texture border." Since everyone is familiar with the "easy border", the following author will mainly introduce the new three kinds of border.

Can be used for cow image torn edge border function

Let's take a look at the "RIP border." As shown in Figure 02, this is the picture before and after the application of the "RIP border" before and after the contrast diagram, using this function is easy to make a artsy shots with the effect of tearing the edge oh.

Can be used for cow image torn edge border function

Next is the text border. But the ox "text border" should be said to be specially set for photography enthusiasts, as shown in Figure 03, you can use this feature not only to add a border to the photo, but also to insert text on the border, the most wonderful thing is that the cow can also automatically extract "Exif information", such as the camera's brand, model, photography is the use of focal length, Aperture, shutter value, and so on, I believe this function will certainly get the love of photography enthusiasts.

Finally, the texture border. As shown in Figure 04, this is a contrast to the picture before and after applying the texture border. "Texture border" can be very convenient to make old photo effect, Non-mainstream effect Oh.

Can be used for cow image torn edge border function

Second, the more powerful batch processing function photos can also be mass beautification

Click on the cow image in the upper right corner of the "batch" button, you will pull up as shown in Figure 05 can be cow image "batch processing tool." We can see at the bottom right of the interface, add a "Modify beautification effect setting" button.

Can be used for cow image torn edge border function

Click on the "Modify the Landscaping Effect Settings" button, into the interface shown in Figure 06, where you can choose to apply to the photo batch of the beautification effect, such as automatic white, automatic exposure, fog, automatic sharpening and so on.

Can be used for cow image torn edge border function


can be cow image "tear edge Border" "text border" "Texture border" features, and the part of "Photo Studio special effects" "Intelligent repair" function has been improved, so that its image processing function more powerful; The new version also enhanced the "batch processing" function, so that users can batch to beautify the photos, It is believed that the function will win the love of photography enthusiasts and Taobao shops.

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