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Before designing a Web page, the customer or Product Manager will propose a vision of the web's visual style: active, atmospheric, stable, trusting, urbanized ... When the designer hears the key words perhaps very naturally in the heart jumps out several color matching and "The keyword" to match. The color of the Web page, is the first impression of visitors to the page, good page color can give users a deep impression, and can produce very good visual effects and create the role of the overall atmosphere of the site.

Color is our first intuitive understanding of things, when browsing a new Web page, the first cognitive is not the specific structure of the page and information content, but also the visual effect of color matching page. color for each person, region or country have different emotional cognition and associative meaning, from a certain extent, most people to color recognition and association is consistent, such as red, people feel festive, lively ... And then things will think of Hearts, strawberries, and so on. Here is a brief introduction to the emotional association of color.

The emotional association of color

Color of the emotional association, mainly from the specific association and Abstract Association two dimensions of the division:

The Emotion Association of color is people's unceasing accumulation and cognition to the thing, understanding these not only is helpful to the webpage design, but also is helpful to the marketing. such as the design of an environmental education website, "environmental Education" first associate with life, nature, green ecology, and these Lenovo things common color is green, if the site uses people have recognized the color will let people in the first visit to the site, the theme of the site will resonate and trust.

The designer on the basis of their own "experience and color principle" on the Web page color design? Let's slow down and look back at the design process for the entire site – The designers are working on the early stages of visual design:

If the visual designer ignores previous work, the final visual design output of the website may be at risk from the customer's expectation of access. Therefore, visual designers need to understand and participate in the site's positioning, target users, content planning on the basis of better grasp of the visual design of the page.

Color application of various websites

Many types of Web sites, according to the classification of their respective purposes and focus of different, the user's emotional appeal will be different. The following mainly from the type of Web site to discuss the application of color on the Web page:

1. Portal class: Its main demand is how to facilitate the user in piling information effectively, fast target selection, and page color can tend to refreshing, concise.

Tencent Network, Yahoo, NetEase and other portals using a crisp and concise light tone to reduce the rapid access to information when the visual interference. Similar to the nature of the site is mainly the use of their own company's main color or logo to make a distinction, user-friendly brand identification.

2. Product Categories: The main purpose of the need to display the characteristics of products to promote consumer desire, page color can be based on specific product positioning to do a variety of design.

Detailed product positioning, such as Apple, Korea mobile phone iriver High-tech Electronic products, its concise gray tone to the site to bring a sense of science and technology and modern sense.

3. Community class: Its demand is simple and easy to operate, long time use of comfort, page color also tend to refreshing, concise.

Mainly to share, exchange information based community network, like the above portal information acquisition nature, so the color is relatively simple and refreshing. But each community network also has its own core target user group, therefore has each characteristic in the color matching aspect. such as alumni core users are students in the school, the top of the page banner use lively green tune to render youthful vitality of the atmosphere.

4. Company, Enterprise Category: Display corporate image, deepen brand impression, can apply the logo of the main color design, to achieve brand unity.

5. E-commerce: Its purpose is to meet the convenience and quick to see the goods and transactions, while the transport warm tone rendering atmosphere, so that users feel the site as a whole active atmosphere and a sense of pleasure.

Of course, the black-toned E-commerce site also gives a stylish, cool trend

6. Personal categories: To meet the user's personalized display and control the needs of the ability of the page color design is more diverse and personalized. Now there are many sites set up a change of skin, custom dress and other functions to meet user needs, such as personal space, blog, community, etc., even the Portal class site also began to meet the user's color preferences set skin care. So all types of Web site color applications do not have a fixed pattern to the location of their own flexibility to design the Web page color.

7. Other categories: tools, activities and so on. Here is not a start, the principle of the same: purpose, target users ...

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