The use of idea in the SVN chapter

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Remember that the SVN use of idea has a graph super detail based on the experience of using SVN in eclipse to think about the thought, the use of the SVN method is recorded as follows mainly divided into several functions to introduce the first function of course is to pull the remote SVN code to our local

The following is an additional SVN window with a plus sign on the left to add an SVN library

Enter the address of SVN, I use the local test, so the address is svn:// according to the service different this address may be HTTP or HTTPS

Add the address of the SVN library, we can browse the file on the library, of course, we can do some things, such as delete, view history, and so on, when adding the SVN library, if there is permission restrictions, will let you enter the user name and password

To import the project into our working range, called Project under Idea, our project is called module

Check to the working area before importing into the current window

Just next, of course, if it's a Eclispe project, it's going to be the case.

Okay, now the code is down.

Can see the history of the code, this is the history of the library, see who changed and so on

The information is displayed in the window below, and now you can see that the library code was only introduced once when it was first initialized.

The second function is to change the code upload update to resolve the conflict medium operation

We first change the code to add a line of code System.out.println ("hahah!");

File1 also change, the following changes window can see that these two files have been modified

Here is a small feature, if we have some files we do not care about whether he changes, we can create a new changelist, I am called new changelist can put the files we do not care about here, so as to facilitate our observation of the documents we care about, For example, if it's a big project, and many class files we don't care about, we can do that.

We started to submit our revised code, the general order is that we update, if the update without any hint, we can successfully submit, if there is a conflict, he will tell us that the files are conflicting, need to be resolved, here I do not think that the SVN in eclipse intuitive

Successfully submitted

Now let's do a conflicting example where I've changed the code of the same line elsewhere with other users

So when we update this, we'll tell you there was a conflict.

Point merge appears below this interface, this feeling is better than eclipse, the middle is the final result we want, on both sides is the two conflicting version, according to the need to resolve the conflict, point apply means that the middle is the end of the result we want. And then you can submit it.

Final result

Here are some features that might be useful to see if a version changed those files

Left button can have some actions, such as comparing with local and a historical version

You can also restore a file to a historical version, head is up-to-date, you can click on the selected version above

Here you can see the history of the local version

Some of the locally saved versions, sometimes useful here

This makes it easy to see which files are changed in each version.

There are two of Windows, very direct

The use of idea in the SVN chapter

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