The use of IE in WP can not open the play audio Yue Taiwan MV Video

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With more and more users using Windows Phone handsets, more and more apps are starting to support the Windows Phone platform. However, in the near future, I want to install the music platform MV on Windows Phone, and found that the official of the music platform did not release Windows Phone's client. Search only to an "AI music Yue", it seems not the official version of the download.

In this way only through IE browser open music Yue Taiwan mv to browse, but found that the music Yue Taiwan mv for IE Browser also did not do the corresponding optimization, the default is still open Flash playback page, and Windows Phone has not supported the Flash plug-in, so want to watch MV Video, The video playback address needs to be modified to open normally.

Only in the IE browser address bar of the site part of the/video before adding wap/, so that the page will jump to the mobile version, and then click on the normal playback can watch MV.

Now the music Yue Taiwan MV Video has been able to open normally, but because there is no quality choice, so the MV definition can really say will be.

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