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In the Kingsoft WPS document, to provide users with a lot can save work time, improve the efficiency of the application template, however, many Jinshan WPS users do not know, therefore, small knitting today to share with you the use of Kingsoft WPS Application template, let the document processing into a crossword puzzle.

Apply Template

Using a good template saves time and effort

A template is a prototype used to create a document, and many word processing software offers ready-made templates that can be used to produce different types of text (memos, letters, news), and users can customize the template as needed. The full use of templates can not only make you in a short period of time to make the corresponding documents, but also the form, the specification will be unified, beautiful.

1. Select template

Click the Open Template tab to the left of the WPS Office Home page, and the window shown in Figure 1 appears. In which, we can see the corresponding classification, click on the template under its category will appear in the right pane. From the interface, there are many categories available for you to choose from.

Apply Template

2. Application Template

When you select the template, the download interface appears as soon as you click the "Apply Template" button, because the template file is small, the amount of data transfer is low, so the corresponding interface will soon appear.

3. Complete the document

The next step is much simpler, like playing games, and filling in the blanks is OK. However, for security reasons, it is necessary to keep it in time. Because the document that is applied to the template is not saved by default.

Note: You can use the template feature in WPS2009 Word, PPT, and excel in the same way.

Small knowledge: Encounter problems online query

There is a "feedback" button on the right side of the main interface help, which is connected to the online platform of WPS Office, can search the WPS Knowledge Base, or click the "I want to ask" button below to ask a question. At the same time, can also through the "WPS Pass" login, and then inquire about their own concerns. Generally through the above three ways, can find their own care about the problem solution.

Application Plug-ins easy to beautify

We've made it easy to make a document, but that's just the way the document looks. Not only do we have to create a document but also the document is beautiful enough. At this point we can use the WPS 2009 to beautify the plug-in, so that our documents become more beautiful.

WPS 2009 installed the default form to beautify Plug-ins, if you also want to install more plug-ins, you can choose the "tools" → "plug-in Platform" command, in the Open window, click the "Recommended Plugins" tab, and then click the "Browse all Plugins" link below to reach the plugin download page. Select the favorite plug-in, click the "Download Now" button to download.

Below we use the "table style" plug-in to beautify the document made above, select the view → task pane to open the Task Pane window, and then click the Drop-down list box above to select table apply Style. After selecting a table in WPS, you can set the style in the right pane, which is pretty easy to generate.

Tips: WPS Office also has a lot of functional plug-ins, such as PDF reading Plug-ins, multiple clipboard, look up information, but need your computer to connect the Internet.

Modern times are tense, and they don't always feel enough. The key is to use the latest technology and save more time for yourself. WPS2009 did help the white-collar busy, let office became a game. With this sharp weapon in hand, we firmly believe that their office level will get a greater promotion, but also do not need to consume too much time, really one more!

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