The use of mind mapping skills: Hands-on teaching you how to draw mind Map _ Mind Map

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Now learning to guide the map of the people also gradually more, many people want to work through the mind map and study, but still do not know from and start. Today small make up for everyone to share ideas how to draw the use of skills, hope to help people in need.

The following figure is the basic style of the mind map.

· Mind map how to draw.

Although the way of thinking mapping is simple, but it has no limitations, but there are certain laws and techniques, so many people do not know where to start. Now follow the small knitting step-by-step to complete the drawing of the mind map.

1, on the computer to download a professional drawing tools, such as rapid flow diagram production software and other thinking map software, and then installed to the computer.

2, open the software, you can choose to create a blank chart, you can also use the template provided by the software.

3, create (blank) chart, in the brain to think of a general outline of the mind (in the basic style, for example), and then in the software left panel to select the desired graphics.

If there are no suitable graphics on the panel, you can select or directly use the search graphics feature in more galleries.

4, "Connect the Copy" function is a quick flowchart production software features, can facilitate our wiring when the rapid generation of graphics, and is a complete copy.

5, if you want to fill the color of the graphic, you need to open the format panel. Then select the graphic, check the "fill", you can select the appropriate color in the graphic, or modify the shape, line width and graphics style.

6, after the color filling, we can fill in the text in the graph. There are two ways to fill text: one is to fill in the drawing directly, and the other is to select text in the left panel and fill it out.

7, (the next steps are repeated, small series do not repeat) will be thinking Guide drawing good, click the "file" to choose the way to save the mind map, you can choose to save directly, you can also export other format files.

The above operation is about the rapid flow chart making software to map the use of mind mapping skills, hope to help people in need.

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