The use of the key-pushing genie in standalone games

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Many people use the buttons to play online games.

Who would have thought that the press Key genie could be used in a single-host game?

Let me give you a few examples.

1. Role-playing RPG-obviously, leveling is boring. Especially in the later stages of the game, it is entirely possible to kill many enemies before they can be upgraded. It is entirely possible to write an automatic leveling program with a key-based genie, especially when many RPG games now have the "Auto" function, they can automatically save it after a battle (of course, you must also use the genie) otherwise, you will have to come back again when you die. Hey, if you are so powerful, you can still see if you are dead. If you are dead, load and GA

2. Instant strategy RTS-good, even instant strategy games can also use the key-pushing genie. I don't know if you have any difficulties in memorizing the hotkeys. Set the hotkeys to the startup keys of the key-pressing genie program, isn't it more convenient for Genie to simplify these hotkeys? What's more, you can add some stuff, such as creating troops. You can click a hotkey to start the program and let the program create N knights, which is fast and convenient, in the battle, you can also use the key Wizard to simplify the battle, such as formations and attack methods.

3. Round strategy/strategy SLG-well ..... Forget it. It seems that the Three Kingdoms, and 10 can be used. Other things... Forget it.

4. Develop a game... Do I have to say more? Hey, let the computer keep it for you .. Not recommended. What does it mean to enable computers?

5. Act/shot-FPS/Act .... It's about a master. It's just a plug-in online games... It also automatically targets something .. Too complicated... It also makes no sense.

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